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Item # : SCP-XXXX

Object Class : Safe

Special Containment Procedure : SCP-XXXX is to be kept outdoors in a 2m x 2m x 3m fenced off area. Fence should be a chain-link model with the chain themselves being made of steel. Only one (1) security camera is required to monitor SCP-XXXX. Level 3 clearance or higher is required to test SCP-XXXX.

Description : SCP-XXXX is a █████ brand grill. It has 6 burners and measures 1.5m x .5m x 1m. An inscription on the back says "New quik cook technology allows faster cooking for the modern person of 2055". Even though according to this inscription it is from the future it is physically identical to a standard model today. It uses propane to cook food and therefore will not function without it. SCP-XXXX is made of an unknown alloy. When SCP-XXXX is kept indoors for longer than 30 minutes it will vanish, then reappear outdoors at the closest possible spot. It's reasons for doing this are currently unknown (See Incident XXXX-A).

SCP-XXXX's main anomalous trait manifests when SCP-XXXX is damaged in any way. The tool being used to damage SCP-XXXX will simply slide off of it and being "damaged"a, a food item will then appears under the hood of the grill instantaneously. (This will occur regardless of Propane being provided) from now on referred to as SCP-XXXX-1. This appears to be an attempt to persuade it’s assailant to stop attacking it. See Addendum XXXX-1. The food item which appears varies depending on the preference on the subject. Food produced is always perfectly seasoned (If subject prefers food with seasoning). Some food items recorded so far have been : Beef Steak, Pork Barbecue Ribs, Chicken Burger, Pigeon Breast, Smoked Salmon Filet, Bison Steak, and in one case █████ █████ was produced for D-█████ (See Incident XXXX-A).

SCP-XXXX's also has a secondary effect, it being that it will cook anything biological that is placed inside of it to the degree the user placing the item was thinking when the grill hood was closed. The item will be cooked significantly faster than by normal means. The lid will remain locked until the item is cooked to the desired degree. Also, if anything already cooked (But unseasoned) is placed inside and the lid is shut it will be instantly seasoned. The longest cook time recorded was 5 minutes 38 seconds when D-█████ placed in a Raw Chicken Leg which after the allotted time was reduced to a small pile of ash, most of which fell below the grill grates. Subject was “Thinking of how much I hate you science [EXPLETIVE]!” Similarly anything non-biological placed inside SCP-XXXX will be instantly incinerated. Therefore, obtaining footage of food appearing or being cooked has so far been impossible. Indestrucible or extremly resiliant SCP's however (I.E. SCP-682, SCP-963, etc) will not be incinerated nor cooked, rather heated up to temperatures in excess to 250 degrees celsius.