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Item #: SCP-33XX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be fixed in the center of a spherical containment chamber six meters in diameter. SCP-3XXX is currently located on Site 19. No one is permitted to enter SCP-3XXX's chambers between the hours of 22:00 and 6:00, aside from Level 3 and above personnel with approved testing authorization.

Description: SCP-3XXX is an opaque gemstone situated inside a blue sphere 6 cm in diameter that is comprised of a material that has a similar appearance and texture to lapis lazuli but is otherwise indestructible by conventional means.1

SCP-3XXX-1 appears to constantly follow and surround the object, staying almost by its side. Said entity does not have a physical appearance and is incorporeal by nature. In this gemstone's case, SCP-3XXX-1 represents a human eye in dreams and hallucinations. When an individual stands within a two meter radius of SCP-3XXX, SCP-3XXX-1 will cause extreme fatigue to them who would want to sleep. Once an individual sleeps, they will proceed to have recurring nightmares of SCP-3XXX-1 chasing them in various scenarios. (See Test-3XXX-A)

SCP-3XXX also appears to be partnered with another entity, designated SCP-3XXX-1. The entity is not identical to the creature situated within the second gemstone. Due to the fact that SCP-3XXX is constantly attracting matter and is impenetrable, SCP-3XXX-1 can not come into contact with SCP-3XXX. Doing so would most likely result in self-neutralization.

When the subject is roused or wakes on their own accord, they will exhibit symptoms of severe PTSD. Tox screening reveals heightened levels of cortisol in the bloodstream, as well as increased adrenal response. Individuals will experience sporadic reoccurring hallucinations that bear resemblance to the nightmares experienced by sleeping next to SCP-3XXX. These abnormal blood content levels appear to only effect those over 21 years of age.2 It is concluded that SCP-3XXX-1 can affect multiple minds at once.

After multiple repeated exposure to SCP-3XXX, subjects will begin to exude a caustic, black substance from every orifice in their body. Due to the acidic nature of the liquid (2.5pH), subject's bodies will immediately begin to melt and disintegrate. As the process continues, the individual's eyes will shift and merge with one another, growing in size. It has been hypothesized that this process is used to convert individuals into additional copies of SCP-3XXX-1. After death has occurred, the subject will reanimate. Subject, now designated SCP-3XXX-2, is entirely comprised of the same black, viscous substance, aside from one appendage, which it uses as locomotion. SCP-3XXX-2 instances are extremely hostile and will attack anything that moves by attempting to subdue and coat it in the substance.3 SCP-3XXX-2 instances are vulnerable to high-caliber gunfire, with hollow point jackets causing the highest rate of termination. Upon neutralization, SCP-3XXX-2 will rupture and coat the surrounding environment in its secretions.

SCP-3XXX was recovered from a lapis lazuli mine located in ████, ██████ on 5/23/1999 by a group of teenagers, designated POI-3XXX-1 through 4. The object was taken to one of the teens' homes, who suffered greatly from SCP-3XXX's anomalous properties. (See Addendum 3XXX-2) SCP-3XXX was brought to the Foundation's attention after the events of Incident-3XXX. Agents were dispatched to the location and the object was recovered with minimal effort on 5/30/1999.

Test-3XXX-A - 1/10/2000

Subject: Subject-3XXX-A
Procedure: Sleeping 2 meters near SCP-3XXX
Results: Subject woke five minutes into test, distressed and screaming. Subject assaulted guard and exhibited increased strength, disarming and subduing individual with relative ease. Subject was seen taking the guard's handgun and attempting to shoot personnel present during testing. No injuries were sustained, and the subject was administered diazepam, interrogated and terminated shortly afterwards (See Addendum 3XXX-1).
Analysis: Subject exhibited no lasting changes in physiology. Electroencephalography results reveal severe abnormal electrical activity arising shortly after individual entered REM sleep. Foundation neurologists are unable to determine cause of abnormal brain waves.

Test-3XXX-B - 9/20/2000

Subject: D-3918
Procedure: Sleeping near SCP-3XXX for 5 consecutive nights
Results: After waking, D-3918 proceeded to emit the black substance from their eyes and mouth. Subject's skin was seen melting and sloughing off as they screamed in agony. After D-3918 was pronounced dead, the resulting slime began to levitate and form a large sphere. Shortly afterward, a large eye manifested on the mass. Response teams dispatched entity shortly thereafter via gunshot.
Analysis: Sample of substance taken to lab for analysis. Results show traces of blood, pus, liquified organs and miscellaneous viscera. Several unidentified compounds were detected, and research is ongoing.
During the incident, thermal sensors placed within the testing area detected that the subject's skin temperature reached over 50˚C, receiving second-degree burns. Subject's internal body temperature was over 100˚C. Due to the high heat, it is hypothesized that the subject's capillaries ruptured as the internal temperature reached the boiling point of water.4 What triggers this massive and spontaneous temperature increase is a mystery.
The large eye that manifested on the mass contained tissue samples and iris colors of both D-Class individuals. It is unknown how the entity was able to complete this process and gain sentience.

Addendum 3XXX-1:After the results of Test Log 3XXX-A, subject D-3XXX-A was questioned about his dream experience. The transcript can be found below.

Addendum 3XXX-2: After the events of Incident 3XXX-1, POI-3XXX-1's homeroom teacher was interviewed by Foundation agents to determine any changes in their personality/behavior following the discovery of the object.