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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be locked in a 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm metal safe at site-XX. While SCP-XXXX is in an inactive state, no containment other procedures are required other than the prevention of unauthorized access. Testing of SCP-XXX must be approved or conducted by level 3 personnel. Personnel taking SCP-XXXX out of containment for testing must wear gloves.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be an irregular, oblate white stone, weighing 292.44 grams as of 1/5/ ████. Testing has concluded that the object is approximately 89.76% compact human bone, with remaining material consisting igneous rock (believed to be granite), concrete, and trace red bone marrow. Researchers were able to recover DNA from at least nine (9) different sources when testing on the biological material has been conducted.

Stages 0-3 detail the effects of SCP-XXXX on human subjects.

Stage 0: Subjects exposed to SCP-XXXX will generally be compelled to pick it up. This effect is weak, however, subjects are fairly easy to dissuade. Most are unlikely to pick it up if directly ordered not to do so. All aware of its effects will not be subject to the compulsion at all.

Stage 1: If SCP-XXXX comes in direct contact with a subject, SCP-XXXX will enter an active state.
Approximately 5-15 seconds after picking the object up, subjects report feeling "tickling" or "itching" sensations at points of direct contact with the object. The object will proceed to submerge into the subject's skin, where it will break apart into microscopic pieces and enter the subject's circulation. At this stage, SCP-XXXX will not leave any visible marks on the subject's skin, though many report sensations of extreme irritation. Testing has revealed microscopic bruising and minor inflammation at sites of entry.

Stage 2: For approximately 10-25 minutes, SCP-XXXX will remain inside the subjects. At this point, most subjects report irritation and mild to severe pain near or in their bones, most commonly the femur or flat bones of the skull. Minor internal bruising commonly occurs. Subjects with circulatory preconditions or hemophilia may suffer more severe side effects at this step.

Step 3: SCP-XXXX will eject itself from the subject's body and reform. While the exact process varies from trial to trial, most of SCP-XXXX's mass will consistently coughed out as dust through the lungs. Subjects will also often vomit larger chunks of the object. In approximately 4.35% of cases, parts of the object would exit by breaking out through the skin, this time leaving superficial lacerations. Subjects with vascular conditions may suffer severe side effects or death at this stage. Death by choking has also been observed, and two subjects (~0.4% of subjects tested) suffered cardiac attacks at this stage.

After step 3 has been concluded, SCP-XXXX will reform into a similar (but not identical) shape to the one it had taken on before the process had occurred, and become inactive. After each active stage incident, the object will increase in size by average of 5.66 grams. Minor changes in hue have also been observed.

All subjects suffer from a decrease in bone density after the process. It is important to note that loss in bone mass does not correspond to mass gained by the object. Subjects may lose up to 1.04 kg bone mass with each use, though 0.86 kg is average.

Subjects also experience dizziness, memory loss, and change in personality after undergoing the process. Consistently, subjects report that they feel that as though they have lost something important. Lasting depression affects about two-thirds of subjects, including those with no history of mental illness. Approximately 3.55% of subjects exposed to SCP-XXXX once, and 14.98% of subjects exposed to SCP-XXXX two or more times either attempt to commit or commit suicide.

SCP-XXXX is able to activated continuously, and chances of severe side effects or death increase with each use. Subjects which survive exposure to SCP-XXXX five or more times will generally lapse into a comatose state.

Tests reveal that SCP-XXXX will not activate if there is any solid barrier between it and subjects' skin. Animal tests (involving chimpanzees, rats, dogs, and pigeons) have found that the object will not activate for non-human subjects.

Addendum XXXX-1: Recovery

SCP-XXXX was recovered on 5/15/1999 in █████████, TN, following an incident in which 16 year old K█████ G█████ was found dead due to choking on bone fragments in her home. She is believed to have received SPC-XXXX in the mail from her ex-boyfriend, 25 year old R█████ H████, who committed suicide a week prior. During autopsy, he was found to be suffering from severe osteoporosis, a condition with which he had never been diagnosed before. A cardboard shipping box, along with a note (included below) were recovered from her body.
SCP-XXXX weighed 91.33 grams when initially recovered by the Foundation.

**Note recovered along with SCP-XXX*
last time, katie, you lying █████
stay with me