Dr. Vladivostok: So John how is our newest SCP, SCP-1658, holding up

John: Ehh its holding up, its been inactive for a while…What's the story of SCP-1658 anyway?

Dr. Vladivostok: Well…its best I show you.

Object Class-Euclid
SCP-1658 CONTAINMENT: SCP-1658 was found in northern Siberia by a group of explorers. One of the explorers said that when a fellow observer went towards SCP-1658 it turned around and ripped all off his limbs off faster than the blink of an eye, then devoured the corpse and gained power and almost shape shifted. SCP-1658 is safe to look at but security is STRONGLY ADVISED TO NEVER MAKE PHYSICAL CONTACT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. SCP-1658 is currently in the strongest, most secure SCP Containment Center. VIDEO FEED AND 4 GUARDS HAVE BEEN REQUIRED FOR SCP-1658. (This was my first SCP so it will suck but thanks for reading.)