Chilasp's Concepts: Conversational Television

Number: SCP-3███

Object Class: Safe (pending Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3███ is to be kept in a containment locker in Sector-██ of Site-██. Access is available to Class 2 personnel or higher.

Description: SCP-3███ is a woodpanel Television set with a style similar to that of the 1970s. Multiple dials are located to the right of the screen indicating channel, volume, and source. SCP-3███ has the ability to tune into most public access networks without a connection outside of a power cable. Once SCP-3███ is tuned to a channel, the current program plays normally, despite SCP-3███'s lack of cable box.

After around five minutes, the actors in the program, hereby referred to as SCP-3███-1, will begin addressing the viewer directly, asking questions such as "How's the weather today?" and "What have you been up to lately?". After a few minutes of such questions, SCP-3███-1 will being asking much more personal questions. SCP-3███-1's tone will continue to become more aggressive until SCP-3███ is powered off. If the channel is changed during a conversation with SCP-3███-1, the properties of SCP-3███-1 will carry over to the current program.

Subjects viewing SCP-3███ will immediately become compliant with SCP-3███-1 and will not hesitate in answering any question or giving out any information. SCP-3███-1 seems to retain this information and has been documented bringing this information to the forefront in future viewings. (See Addendum 3███-1-C). After the viewing has ended, subjects report not being able to recall having a conversation with SCP-3███-1, and when asked about new information they learned via SCP-3███-1, are unable to give any reasonable excuse.

Addendum 3███-1-C: During an exchange with D-7563, SCP-3███-1 began asking about a previous Class D.

Test Log 3███-██: Skip to 00:08:47

D-7563: …eally didn't want ta', I jes' had no choice. They dragged me out o' there, had a warrant and ev'rythin'! I guess it's better th-

SCP-3███-1: Do you know Robert?

D-7563: Robert? Nah, that name doesn't ring a bell ta' me.

SCP-3███-1: You should try to meet up with them sometime when you can. They were in Sector-[DATA EXPUNGED], I believe. What sector are you located in, currently?

D-7563: I dunno. They never told me.

SCP-3███-1: Hm. Guess those researchers should let you all know a little more about this place. Back to Robert, though, did you know he had a cat named Caesar once?

D-7563: Huh. That's… Interesting?

SCP-3███-1: He must have really liked that cat. He said he was bawling when it did. It took him a year to get over it. Did you ever have a pet?

D-7563: No, I didn't. I'm allergic to pet hair.