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**Item #:SCP-Blank

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-Blank is to be kept in a locked box at all times when not being researched, which is to be held in a locked large steel locker with an iron padlock. SCP-Blank is to be held in a steel safe, kept in a titanium locker. Both are now to be outfitted with combination locks. Both keys are to be kept by Senior Researcher █████████. Any personnel who come within 5 feet of SCP-Blank are required to undergo a psychological evaluation. Any personnel attempting to load SCP - Blank with any form of ammunition without permission is to be terminated immediately. Personnel must have at least level 2 security clearance and permission from Senior Researcher █████████ or other personnel with higher clearance to access SCP-Blank.

Description: SCP-Blank appears to be an ordinary Marlin 336C Hunting Rifle. It exhibits little to no sign of age, and most personnel remark that it looks brand new. Humanoid animals and humans within 5 feet of SCP-Blank will start to feel an intense longing to pick up and use the gun. Researchers noted that subjects who have used the gun have reported that they can hear a voice speaking to them, and have described it as a "young, male voice." This speech is thought to be telepathic or illusionary by researchers.

In addition, SCP-Blank has the unique affect of being able to use any type of ammunition able to physically be loaded, whether or not a non-anomalous rifle of its brand and make would be able to use it. Once inserted, the user can hear an audible click. It has proven impossible to open the chamber once ammunition has been inserted. SCP-Blank does not appear to be sentient or able to understand speech SCP-Blank has been proven to be sentient in Experiment A, but is either able or unable to speak.

The longer that SCP-Blank is in possession of an individual, or is in range of one, the individual starts to become attached to it. From therefore on, this individual will be known as SCP-Blank-1. Once ███ minutes have passed, either all at once or over a matter of days, SCP-Blank-1 will appear to lose any semblance of free will. After ██ minutes, SCP-Blank-1 will shoot itself in the arm. It will then proceed to let its blood drip into the barrel of SCP-Blank for a minimum of █ minutes, before then attempting to shoot itself in the head. If SCP-Blank is removed from the subject, all of its effects cease.

Addendum: As of Incident Blank, it has been proven that SCP-Blank-1 can and does understand speech, and will become hostile if its existence is threatened. All personnel observing SCP-Blanks affects are to refrain from mentioning anything to do with its destruction or anything potentially harmful to it within ██ feet of it. See Experiment Report A for details.