Hellraise Flashlight

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-2107(aka:The Hellraise Flashlight) is not to be near anyone in a 2-3 meter radius.

The effects of the Hellraise Flashlight in studies give the urge to push the button to turn the Flashlight on. If this is done, the creatures from a dimension unknown,which call themselves,"The Sweepers",will be able to come into our world and cause the extinction of humanity. They are everywhere,but can only get through when the Hellraise Flashlight is turned on. Hey become visible and we can see them.

One suspect named ** ,which was taken into the sweeper dimension and came back,is the only we know who knows anything about the flashlight;and in an interview said the following:

Recording - SCP-2107

Dr.**: "Now, can you tell us what You experienced? "

Victim: "Well, they chose to take me and bring me back to give a message. To say that we don't desurve to has a sing matter of existance,no purpose for anything.

Dr.**: "So they're a threat?"

Victim: "Yes."

Dr.**: "If SCP-2107 is turned on once more,is there any advantages for us? What are these beings?"

Victim: "They told me they call themselves the Sweepers.But advantages?Nothing at all.They're immortal, nothing in our world or theirs can kill them. Most are older than the universe and live pass time and space's beginning.many are depressed because they told me they've lived their live far too long and want it all to be over."

Dr.**: "Hmm…Does the world look any different in their dimension?"

Victim: "Well,all edges look sharper,round objects are more round, colors are sharper. Even the deldest-looking areas look beautiful; You can even see through to the bottom of the deepest

Dr.**: "What do they look like? Do they have genders?"

Victim: "They're not a gender that we know of,but they do only have one gender and reproduce…*pause*…sorry, it's indescribable. And they are hideous. Some sort of spider's face mixed with the skull or a human. And huge,creepy eyes wig pupils a color that nobody in our universe has seen but me. It's but iufo,but not dashing with their ugly-ass faces. All wear a variety of clothing like us. But it looks like some sort of leathery clothing. They're really. Tall,about 9 feet. And seeing a huge suit squeezed around their bodies…*pauses*"

Dr.**: "Is something wrong?"

Victim: "They're weird. They have different limbs than any animals we've found. They're not arms or legs. Well,its like ours for walking and for grabbing things,but it looks nothing like it,not fins or tails. But their bald heads are identifiable. They call their so called,'limbs' an indescribable word.Everything is nothing the human brain can ever possibly imagine in their world. Besides the environment."

Dr.**: "Do you think they'll ever have a change of heart?"

Victim: "They don't have hearts. Not even any emotions we know of. Can tell when they're happy,sad,scared…Their emotions are significant."

Dr.**: "Is there anything else you have for me?"

Victim: "Yes. One more thing…they said to save the date,//20**, because…well…we have nothing to baracade them from us. from their on. That flashlight is a timed portal. It's not too many years untill it's unlocked."

Dr.: Okay, end of interview with ** **. Date,//20**

*End of recording*

SCP-2107 is to be locked in the iron cased room at all time. Nobody is to go near the door from now on since the side effects of urges to go into the room.

The end of humanity is to come really soon.