Chrome 1

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is kept in a locked containment vault in Site-19. In an event the object is missing, personnel is advised to recover SCP-xxxx in the outer sector of the containment or somewhere in a personnel's belongings (Room) where it usually resides, identification of SCP-xxxx is a small green-ish tint next to a metallic object which confirms the identity of SCP-xxxx. Further research on how the object kept escaping is still undergoing.

Any personnel who see this object appear anywhere in their room or sector is to report it immediately to the nearest high ranking officer, and is to be put into containment within the approximate 15 minutes on the time it disappeared from cointainment, failure to do so will inflict the handler and anything near it extreme nausea and uncontrolled urination.

Description: SCP-xxxx appears to be a musty old coin of unknown origins, though often times it changes to a paper clip, a tin can, a pin and often times a bottle cap or anything metal at the approximately 2 inches or smaller in size. Analysis of the chemical composition of SCP-xxxx has confirmed that it is a standard 91.67%-8.33% alloy of copper and nickel. SCP-xxxx seems to be sentient as some Class-D personnel kept saying "it" can talk, though proof of this is vague and uncertain.