Clay Noreny
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

**Special Containment Procedures:
The front of Scp-XXXX is to be marked off with standard yellow police tape, both doors of scp-xxxx are to be locked, and several "CLOSED" and "HEALTH CODE VIOLATION" signs are to be placed on the front windows of scp-XXXX. All real estate within one (1) kilometer of scp-XXXX shall be acquired by the Foundation. Teams of no less than 5 (five) armed guards are to patrol this area to prevent any civilians from coming into contact with the anomaly. From 6:30 AM ██ time to 10:00 PM ██ time two (2) heavily armed agents are to be inside scp-xxxx and administer ████████████████ to any instances of scp-xxxx-1 or trespassers, whom shall be transported no less than five (five) kilometers away from scp-xxxx and left within two hundred fifty (250) meters of a class 3 or above medical facility.

Scp-xxxx appears to be a coffee house on [REDACTED] Street in [REDACTED]. The anomaly is a one room single story building with two doors, one main entrance, and one in the back of the building, a counter, a menu board above the counter, and several tables and chairs. The exterior has a sign reading "The Best Coffee In The Galaxy". Scp-xxxx's anomalous natures manifest starting at 7:00 AM ████ everyday. First any number between one (1) and five (5) people living within five hundred (500) kilometers will appear within scp-xxxx. These people are designated as scp-xxxx-1-(1-5) until they are administered ████████████ or the shop "closes" at 9:00 PM ███. All instances of scp-xxxx-1 either work, have prior history working, or plan to work at a coffee house. At 7:05 AM ████ an instance of scp-xxxx-1 will go to the menu board above the counter and put up the day's selection of drinks. Drinks numbered one (1) through fifteen (15) are always drinks available at other coffee shops in the area and often consist of trademarked brands and logos. Items sixteen (16) through twenty-two (22) are designated as scp-xxxx-2-(1-7). Each of these drinks has a different anomalous effect on those that drink them, if an only if an instance of scp-xxxx-1 makes the drink, the drink is made from ingredients listed on the board, the drink is made inside scp-xxxx, the drink is payed for in full by the consumer of the drink, and the drink is at least ninety (90) percent consumed. Additionally scp-xxxx always has enough ingredients to make anything ordered off of it's menu everyday without any deliveries or storage of any kind. This same anomaly occurs with money needed to make change, as all the cash registers appear to be empty at all times. At 9:00 PM ██ all instances of scp-xxxx-1 will appear at their residences, and all drinks or ingredients inside scp-xxxx will vanish, this phenomena has been classified as the store "closing".