Item Number: XXXX
Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: Any instances of SCP-XXXX are to be housed in standard human containment cells, save during a Decimal Event. In the days preceding a Decimal Event, all instances of SCP-XXXX are to be transferred to a high security room equipped with video surveillance and radiation scanners.

Any individual suspected of being an instance of SCP-XXXX are to be detained and questioned by a senior member of the research team.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a series of human males who are associated with a very specific time distortion event that occurs every ten years. Known instances of SCP-XXXX have ranged from 10 to 79 years of age. Instances can have a wide range of facial features, and have no discerning features to differentiate them from other members of the species. All secured instances of SCP-XXXX recorded by the foundation have either turned themselves in or been turned in by another instance of SCP-XXXX. Each instance of SCP-XXXX owns a thick, leather bound journal, in which it compulsively records anything it deems important in a script only legible to SCP-XXXX-Xs.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous qualities show during a Decimal Event. The first such event recorded by the Foundation occurred on December 31st, 1949, at 11:59 GMT, and have occurred once every ten years at the exact same date and time since. During a Decimal Event, all instances of SCP-XXXX disappear through unknown means. A cloud of yet-uncatalogued ions form in their place, but quickly dissipate. No instance of SCP-XXXX has been found after going through a Decimal Event, and there is no known way of preventing their disappearance.

Instances of SCP-XXXX claim to be sent back in time ten years after a decimal event, returning to the beginning of the decade. SCP-XXXX instances are not harmed during the event, and retain any items on their person, including clothing. Instances of SCP-XXXX have been known to predict future events by reading entries in their journals, lending credence to this theory. Given this information, it can be inferred that there are no fewer than seven SCP-XXXX instances active at any given time.

A total of ten instances of SCP-XXXX have been identified positively by the Foundation.

Dossier SCP-XXXX-A7
Legal Name: Andrew Wiseman
Age When Secured: 79 (according to SCPXXXX-A7)
Appearance: Bald, green eyes, height 163 cm, weight 85.72 kg
Containment Notes: The first instance of SCP-XXXX recorded. Made itself known to the foundation on November 7th, 1949, by approaching an undercover field agent in ████████, █████████. After accurately predicting several seemingly random events to prove its anomalous nature, SCP-XXXX-A7 was brought to Containment Site 19 (See interview log SCP-XXXX-A7.1). On December 31st, 1949, at 11:59 pm GMT, SCP-XXXX-A7 disappeared from containment with no trace.

Dossier SCP-XXXX-B3
Legal Name: Arnie Winters
Age When Secured: 37
Appearance: Red hair, blue eyes, height 171 cm, weight 75.75 kg
Containment Notes:The second instance of SCP-XXXX. Secured by the Foundation while making its way to Site 19 on foot on July 18, 1957, looking for asylum from a local bookie it had conned out of several thousand dollars. Interviews with SCP-XXXX-B3 ascertained the nature of the Decimal Event and the journal it carried, but failed to obtain the location of SCP-XXXX-A7 or any other instances of SCP-XXXX (see interview log SCP-XXXX-B3.1-89). Correctly predicted President Eisenhower's stroke two months prior and was able to name all seven members of the Mercury Seven prior to their public announcement.

Dossier SCP-XXXX-C7
Legal Name: Leonard Norris
Age When Secured: 71
Appearance: Elderly, dark brown hair, green eyes, height 174 cm, weight 90.07 kg
Containment Notes: On February 7th, 1961, SCP-XXXX-C7 contacted Dr. ██████, head of research at Site 19 by of the Site's Keter Emergency line. SCP-XXXX-C7 revealed its own location and the future location of SCP-XXXX-C2. Preserved genetic samples from SCP-XXXX-C7 tested on ██/██/████ proved identical to samples from SCP-XXXX-C2.

Dossier SCP-XXXX-C2
Legal Name: Leo Knoxville
Age When Secured: 23
Appearance: dark brown hair, green height 177 cm, weight 80.33 kg
Containment Notes: Secured on November 21st, 1963 in a hotel in ██████,██, after putting up a brief struggle and being subdued by a stun gun. SCP-XXXX-C2 refused to speak to Foundation personnel for a month after containment. Afterward it cooperated with researchers sparingly and ceased taking notes in its journal. Preserved genetic samples from SCP-XXXX-C2 tested on ██/██/████ proved identical to samples from SCP-XXXX-C7.

Interview SCP-XXXX-A7.1
Note: At time of interview, SCP-XXXX-A7 was catagorized as SCP-XXXX
Dr. Jacob Waters: Good afternoon, SCP-XXXX.
SCP-XXXX: And a good afternoon to you as well, young man. Before we start the interview, may I ask you a simple request?
Dr. Waters: Absolutely, SCP-XXXX.
SCP-XXXX: Call me Andrew, or Mr. Wiseman if it suits you. I find this "skip" nonsense grating.
Dr. Waters: I can do that, Mr. Wiseman.
SCP-XXXX: I appreciate it. So, I suppose you have some questions for me?
Dr. Waters: I do indeed, Mr. Wiseman.
SCP-XXXX: Well, let's get on with it then. I don't have much time left and I have writing to do.
Dr. Waters: Tell me how you came to the Foundation, Mr. Wiseman.
SCP-XXXX: Its bitter cold out there, and I'm old now. I don't have a lot left to do. Nothing I can't do from in here, anyways. You guys, you got these cushy apartments where everything is provided for you, and all you gotta do is give a little information in return. So I found your agent and gave him a reason to bring me in.
Dr. Waters: How did you know about the Foundation, Mr. Wiseman? How did you know about Agent ██████'s identity as an operative?
SCP-XXXX: Well, Agent ██████ didn't make it very hard. Truth be told, I've seen some of your "Foundation's" handiwork in the past. Not a fan, really. You like to think you're so subtle and crafty, but you make as big a mess as those Serpent's Hand fellows. Watch out for them, by the way.
Dr. Waters: Are you associated with the Serpent's Hand?
SCP-XXXX: No more than I am with you or that fog breather Marshall. I just spend a lot of time watching. You see a lot when you're actually paying attention.
Dr. Waters: And what do you mean by "watching"?
SCP-XXXX: I mean watching, with my eyes. Reading the papers, travelling, making acquaintances. Then I write it all down, then I go watch for something new. Surprising how hard that can be, finding new things.
Dr. Waters: And you write everything you see in your journal?
SCP-XXXX: Anything important. I've pretty much been writing in it for nearly seventy-five years, since I learned to read and write.
Dr. Waters: It must have a lot of history written down. May I see it, Mr. Wiseman?
SCP-XXXX: Sure, kid, knock yourself out.
Dr. Waters: I can't read any of this. I've never seen letters like this. Did you make this up yourself?
SCP-XXXX: (SCP-XXXX chuckles) I suppose I must have. Never gave it much thought.
Dr. Waters: (turns to a random page) Can you translate this for me?
SCP-XXXX: Sure kid, no problem. Let's see… June 7th, 1944. Joe M. tells me he heard on the radio that we landed on Normandy in France. Can't wait for them to beat those Nazi bastards. I think we still have another year and a half of this. Met Edie after work, took her for a walk down by the stream. Found some shade under a willow, then we… you know what, I think I'll end there.
Dr. Waters: So, Mr. Wiseman, you're saying you predicted the end of World War II?
SCP-XXXX: In a matter of speaking. Hate those damn rationings, makes it impossible to find a good pair of shoes.
Dr. Waters: That's only in the first hundred pages of the book. This journal must have thousands. Are you telling me you wrote all this in the past six years?
SCP-XXXX: You want to get technical, I wrote it all over the past ten years. Got a little more to go, then I'm done.
Dr. Waters: Can you predict something for me, right now?
SCP-XXXX: Yeah, sure, let me see… Churchill's giving a speech on the 28th. MI6's gonna arrest a guy ten minutes before it starts with a pistol hidden in his jacket… Old Lead Belly's gonna die of his Lou Gehrig's. You should look him up before he does, he's actually not that bad… Ah, here we go, you'll like this. There's gonna be a typhoon off the coast of Korea, December 15th. You guys are gonna want to be there already when it happens. You'll find something good, and you might be able to help out some people in the meantime.
Dr. Waters: Thank you, Mr. Wiseman, we'll look into everything you've told us.
SCP-XXXX: I hope you do.
Tip from SCP-XXXX lead to containment of SCP-████ and the reduction of life lost from ███████ citizens to ████ citizens.