Clunk42 "The Priest"
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept in a 4x4x4 metre room with a single security camera and a sound detector. If any smaller, it seems to grow angry and will begin to shout horrific incantations that somehow summon demons who are capable of setting fire to the room before proceeding to disappear. If any larger, the specimen begins to act overjoyed and runs around uncontrollably, damaging the room with it's claws. The SCP Foundation has not been able to contain the demons, because they disappear if personnel attempt to touch them. The chamber must be made of cedar wood, for it has been observed that for other materials, SCP-XXXX can telepathically communicate with personnel within a 20 metre radius of the room, which has been believed to has caused multiple worker suicides. The camera and sound detector must be moved daily by two class-d personnel. They must both be wearing noise protection. One subject must move the devices to a position at least 1 metre away from where they were previously, while the other subject apprehends the specimen, then handcuffs and blindfolds it. In the event of it escaping the handcuffs and blindfold, the door is to be sealed, or else the anomaly may escape after mutilating and eating the two personnel. The shouting coming from the specimen may cause one of the personnel to attack the other, before they are both eaten alive. Do not try to help the Class-d personnel escape. If SCP-XXXX happens to be missing from its container, the facility is to go into lockdown. A squad with noise protection must be sent to aprehend it and return it to its room. If any worker suddenly tries to leave the facility after being near the room, they are to be shot and killed.

SCP-XXXX must be fed 0.96 litres of lamb blood, 2.5 litres of wine, and a kilogram of unleavened bread. If not fed this amount (to the nearest decilitre) of food per day, then it will become weak and exibit the effects of starvation.

SCP-XXXX must have an altar with two candles as the only source of light, along the north wall. The altar must have a crucifix in the middle of it with a candle on either side of the crucifix. If a light is seen coming from the crucifix, it must be taken down and replaced with another. The original crucifix must be burned before 3 hours pass.

SCP-XXXX is never permitted to leave its room. If it were to be transported, it would have to be in the room that it's used to.

In the event of a containment breach, all violence is futile. The specimen seems to take great joy in attempts to recapture it with violence. A squad of 4, wearing noise protection, must lead him back with words. These words must be repeated every 30 seconds: "The lamb is this way."

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 2 1/3 metres tall humanoid, wearing a tattered grey robe. Its skin is grey, droopy, hard, and rough. It was originally found in ██████, █████ behind a church, in an alleyway. It was in the process of burning a crucifix. It was also in the possession of 10 kilograms of dynamite, some matches, and a knife. The metal the knife is made of has yet to be identified, along with the material of its robes. There are currently two SCP-XXXX, held in different rooms.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX has the ability to send people into a shouting frenzy if they hear it making noise. If it is heard, all personnel must evacuate the area or risk being turned into another SCP-XXXX.