SCP-2253 "Coal"

Item #: SCP-2253

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2253 ("Coal") should be contained in a 2x5m room, 5 miles deep in Site-████ with Fire-Resistant insulation and a 5 inch thick heat tempered glass window, it should also have filtered oxygen kept lower than 5%, with level monitors to alert when oxygen levels go above 5%. A 6" Blast-Proof Steel door should be connecting SCP-2253's Containment Zone to the rest of the facility, this door should be on permanent lockdown. A temperature monitor should be monitoring the temperature at all times, if the temperature rises above 100* c The sprinkler system should activate, and jet liquid nitrogen into the Containment Chamber, This should happen even if personnel are inside the chamber at the time. A set of high power hoses and fire extinguishers should be placed outside SCP-2253's Containment Zone in case of emergency. If SCP-2253 should break containment, full Level-4 Lockdown should be initiated in that sector of Site-████ and sprinkler systems should activate in that sector.

Description: SCP-2253, (Commonly refered to as "Coal") is primarly a lump of coal, carbon dated back for 1,532 years. "Coal" Has unusual properties such as being able to light itself on fire in oxygen levels over 10% with no fuel provided. The fire it produces is up to 93 Degrees Kelvin (In safe observable conditions) , and will burn through any material provided to it.1

SCP-2253 was found by Agent ████████ in his home in {DATA EXPUNGED}. He came home one day to find his house had been incinerated, only the lump of SCP-2253 remained. π1 Mobile Task Force Pi-1 was dispatched to collect SCP-2253. Several members of Mobile Task Force pi-1 Were killed when contact was made with SCP-2253. SCP-2253 was only contained when 10" Blast Steel was wrapped around it.

SCP-2253 is now contained in Site-████, Where it is under 24 hour watch, 7 days a week with staff rotations every 5 hours. Level 3+ are allowed access into the observation room, but are not allowed direct contact or access to SCP-2253 due to intense heat and (see footnote).

// End of notes //



Incident report, 04/█/███.

Dr.██████: "Can you explain what happened when you saw SCP-2253 out of containment?"
Subject - ██████: "..It.. Lo..oked like.. a ma..n.. made of .. fire.. "(subject seen visibly trembling)
Dr.██████: "What else looked strange about it?"
Subject - ██████: "It.."
Dr.██████: "What did it say?"
Subject - ██████: "… (Long pause) It.. said.. 'H.. (Subject then has a cardiac arrest and was unable to be revived.).

Updated Description: SCP-2253, when out of it's Containment Zone seems to be able to sustain a humanoid form, (resembling SCP-457) which for formal purposes is called SCP-2253-1. Not much is known about this form due to it being a very rare occurrence. Eye-Witnesses claim that SCP-2253-1 has the form of an adult male, approximately aged around 19, and long arms, made almost entirely out of fire. Subject seems to have no internal organs, although no long term study has been authorized.