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Item#: XXXX
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Basic Idea: A hotel which can re-locate when under threat of destruction, or if certain conditions are met. I.E People know about people disappearing at this specific hotel, or the police do a raid. Hotel looks from around the 1950s to 1980s. A group of cultists/Sarkits do an unknown ritual inside of the hotels basement. Causing their true bodies to go into a sort of 'statis' whilst their secondary bodies form. Several disappearances happen around the hotel, mostly teenagers and homeless people. After several years, an unknown fleshy creature picture is leaked onto the internet, foundation intervenes and discovers the SCP. They try to build a site around it but fail since the hotel re-locates. SCP Foundation looses track of the SCP until 2008-2012, during the time gap, more disappearances occur. The foundation finally locates the SCP, and its full anomalous effects are active. Creatures who look completely human and act human pose as hotel staff. They often take care of menial tasks and other things. Generally become hostile when threatened. Final creature, not often seen. It usually hides in the walls of the building and 'drips' into rooms to kill those sleeping inside. After someone is killed their dragged/brought into the basement and under go various rituals to bring them into a central mass.

Story: A group of sarkists do a ritual to extend their lives and to create a vessel for an entity to draw power from. They slowly succeed in their goal, but it goes wrong, resulting in the entity taking over. Entity takes over in the last addendum of the article, hinting at its freedom.

Writing Stages:

1. Describe what SCP-XXXX(-1?) is, how it looks, when it was built. Describe its general layout, and give it a name.
2. Describe SCP-XXXX(-1?)'s properties, AKA how it re-locates, and why it re-locates.
3. Describe the souls bound the building, what they look like and what duties they for fill. (SCP-XXXX-1/2?)
4. Describe the unknown fleshy entity that causes disappearances. Describe where it is usually hiding (in the walls). (-2/3)
5. Give in universe theory as to what the runes engraved on dead bodies are.

Special Containment Procedures: