Item #: SCP-3902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3902-1 is to be contained in a 5x5x5 concrete room 3x3x3 anechoic chamber kept at -9 decibels. Any personnel that enter SCP-3902-1's chamber must not make any vocalizations. If any personnel anger SCP-3902 whilst in his chamber, they must be pulled out before SCP-3902-1 makes contact. If SCP-3902-1 does make contact with personnel, leave the personnel until SCP-3902-1 calms down.

Description: SCP-3902-1 is a dark skinned humanoid figure with green luminescent eyes, and stands at approximately 2 meters.
SCP-3902-1's claws and teeth inject a tranquilizer known as SCP-3902-2 upon breaking the skin of an animal. SCP-3902-1 is docile when well fed and is safe to have around personnel. However, SCP-3902-1 does enter an agitated state when loud noises are made, such as shouting, gunfire, and running. When SCP-3902-1 becomes agitated, it will chase and pin down the source of the noise, either injecting SCP-3902-2 (If organic) or ripping and breaking the object (If inorganic).
SCP-3902-1 appears to dislike killing animals or humans, often take precautions to only bite or slash once. SCP-3902-1 rejects meat as food and only eats plant matter. Several tests have been performed whether to make SCP-3902-2 a thaumiel class SCP, for SCP-3902-2 does affect other SCPs.