Third Law Collaborative Brainstorming Page

This is a collaborative sandbox page for Third Law writers, containing lists of Third Law drafts and pieces of brainstorming of varying degrees of canonicity.

Drafts and Pitches

This tab contains the list of drafts for Third Law articles and pitches for future articles that are being worked on. Anyone may add to it.

Accepted Canon

This tab contains a list of concepts, characters, locations, etc… that have either been written about in works within the canon, or which have been collectively agreed upon by the major contributors. This list is curated by GreenWolf and ARD, although any author may add to it upon publishing a new work.

Proposed For Canon

These are things that have been proposed as additions to the canon, but which haven't been solidly agreed upon yet. Most new additions to the canon are minor enough that they don't warrant addition to this list. When in doubt about whether something is major enough to be listed, use this rule of thumb: Would this addition affect the works of other authors that are still in development? Anyone can add to this list.

Never In Canon

A list of things that will never be part of the canon. Maintained by GreenWolf and ARD.


A timeline of when major events in the canon happen. If an event is featured in a tale, please link to the tale when listing it. Anyone can add to this list, but it is curated by GreenWolf and ARD and TyGently will help too. They're nice like that.