Community Outreach Team Guidelines

This page lists out the members, goals, and responsibilities of the Community Outreach Site Team.








  • Better delegation and accountability among members


  • Post in the Introductions threads on the forums, responding to new members and directing them to site resources - UraniumEmpire (leader), Ellie3, UncertaintyCrossing, WhiteGuard, Captain Cold, Hexick
  • Soliciting contest ideas, discussing contests with moderators and admins, and organizing/running contests - ARD (leader), ProcyonLotor, Edna Granbo
  • Producing Monthly Site News - Uncle Nicolini (leader), TSATPWTCOTTTADC, DrAkimoto, N_Aepic_Fael, plaidypus, The Pighead, Edna Granbo -
  • Overseeing fan work, art, and projects
  • Soliciting ways to improve the site and following up on said ideas - talking to people on Tech Team, Internet Outreach, etc. etc. - MayD (rewriting guides), ChaoSera (Liason to Tech)
  • Seminars - hosting, reviewing, overseeing, and finding ideas/proposals/hosts - taylor_itkin (leader), Elogee FishTruck, Crashington, Edna Granbo, Ellie3, MalyceGraves, N_Aepic_Fael, plaidypus, DrAkimoto, OCuin, Karakatt, weizhong
  • Managing the Art Exchange - Elogee FishTruck
  • Collections - Creating and maintaining Collections, groupings of works based on content or thematic elements - Lazar Lyusternik (leader), weizhong (leader), Croquembouche, cybersqyd, gee0765, HarryBlank, Hexick, OCuin, Ralliston, UraniumEmpire, Yossipossi

GOALS: Maintain involvement with, outreach to, and liaison with the SCP Wiki site community. This includes Site News, Introductions, and Contests.
Internet Outreach handles external communities like Reddit and DeviantArt.



Hey, welcome to the site!! I'm a site author and member of Community Outreach, and this is a helpful quick primer for site resources made by our very own [[*user shaggydredlocks]]!

If you're going to try your hand at writing, try out our sandbox. You can make yourself a page here to store your drafts.


For hashing out concepts, try out the  [[[|Ideas and Brainstorming]]] forum. You can run your ideas by the community if you need help refining your concept.

If you have a draft ready, make a thread in the [[[|Drafts and Critiques]]] forum. Remember to check the stickied posts in the relevant thread for guidelines on how best to use each forum. You can also try the IRC chat for real-time feedback.

From site usage to writing tips, the [[[|Guide Hub]]] contains a wealth of resources geared towards helping members produce successful articles.

The more time you take to familiarize yourself with the SCP style, the drafting process, and the community, the greater your chances are for success!

As far as reading is concerned, you might want to check out our [[[|Top Rated New Pages]]], which will display the most popular, recent articles. It's helpful to keep up with what's being received well by the community.

Best of luck on your future contributions to the site!


Hey, welcome to the site!! I'm a site author and member of Community Outreach, and this is a helpful quick primer for site content made by our very own [[*user shaggydredlocks]]!

+++ Navigation:


If you want to keep up with the latest material, check out the [[[|Most Recently Created]]] page. If you'd rather check out only the most popular new articles, then [[[|Top Rated New Pages]]] is the way to go.

While you're browsing, if you find an article you absolutely love, you can try finding more from the same author by looking them up on the [[[|Authors' Page]]] hub. If the user in question is not on that list, you can try searching for them on our statistic site, [[[|]]].

If there are some SCPs that you're a fan of, you can try checking out a new addition to the wiki: the [[[|SCP Series Tales List]]], created by yours truly. These are pages that mirror the main SCP listings, but they include all the stories that feature each SCP (for example, one can find everything that has been written about SCP-173).


+++ Recommendations:

With the amount of SCPs we have, it can be hard to find //really// good articles in specific genres (not to mention we have no way of searching by genre), so I took it upon myself to curate a few lists of some good representative material to share with other users. With the help of various community members, [[[|User-Curated Lists]]] has been built to facilitate fun wikiwalks of some amazing content! 


Anyways, this should be more than enough to get you started! Let me know if this message was helpful at all, and if there's anything important you think I may have missed. Happy reading!!