Draft Swap

Hey there! If you're reading this, you're part of the test run for the first (and hopefully not the last) SCP draft swap. Read on for an outline, rules, times etc.

The Basics

The idea of the draft swap is pretty simple - everyone participating finds a draft they've had lying around for a while, something they think totally could work, but they know they'll never actually finish. They then submit this draft as a pastebin to the event organiser - for this run, that's Rimple. IRC PMs are the preference here but wikidot PMs are acceptable too. They'll shuffle the drafts up and redistribute them so that all participants recieve someone else's draft. Everyone will then have a deadline (see below for all dates, times etc) to give the organiser a finished first draft building off the unfinished draft they received.

At least for now, we believe everyone should have a large amount of freedom with how they handle the draft they are given, treating it as they would a draft of their own. That means you can feel free to brainstorm, seek help and collab on it, as well as make any changes you see fit to the original idea, wording, etc to make it work. By submitting a draft to the swap, you're agreeing to this being a possibility (or even a likelihood) for your idea.

Rules of thumb for the kinds of drafts to submit:

  • Drafts should not ideally be of a work that would eventually need to be very long to work (say 7000+ as a guideline), as this places unfair amounts of work on the person receiving it in the time given.
  • Drafts should be more than simply an idea: you should already have put some work into developing the idea, figuring out rules and structure, writing some parts out etc. You don't have to have a lot done, but we won't be accepting anything that's nothing more than a title.
  • Nothing that requires specialist knowledge to write (high level science stuff, deep fandom lore, a leaning toward complex historical accuracy etc), or if you do you should be committed to sticking around in chat to help out and provide information.

The Chat

The IRC channel #draftswap will act as the hub for most things regarding this project, and all participants should add the channel to autojoin for at least the duration of the swap. Since the swap is totally transparent - everyone will know who got who from the get-go - participants are encouraged to ask the original author questions and to answer questions for them across the course of the week. As well as this, it can act as the centre for brainstorming, idea sharing and collaboration on all related drafts. You can also meme at each other I guess.

At least while Rimple is in charge, there will be no tolerance for racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic or otherwise dickish behaviour from participants, in channel or otherwise. This shouldn't come up, but it's worth saying. There's obviously a fuzzy line here between malicious and accidental stuff - we should know it when we see it. We'll deal with complicated situations if they ever come up.

Important Times and Dates

First draft swap will take place the night of February 3rd, at midnight GMT. Figure out for yourself what that is in your time zone. I'll be relatively strict about this, because I need sleep. Get a pastebin to me any time before that.

Once the shuffle has occurred, I'll PM or .tell everyone involved. From there you'll have exactly a week, til midnight on February 10th, to send me back a finished first draft. Please be cool and don't submit late.

If this works, I'm setting a tentative date of March 3rd for a second round, so if you missed the test run or you just want to do it again, feel free to shoot me a message in the week or so leading up to that to ask whether I'm organising it. Fingers crossed.


Author Draft
Rimple MaliceAforethought
Varaxous NineVolt
NineVolt DrBleep
DrBleep taylor_itkin
DarkStuff* Rimple
SpectralDragon Varaxous
MaliceAforethought ARD*
taylor_itkin SpectralDragon

*DarkStuff will be writing but not submitting a draft. ARD will be submitting a draft but not writing.

Unfinished Drafts

Finished Drafts