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Junior staff!

NAME Chat Nick Callsign Image Crit Strengths Favorite things to review
amnestic_protocolamnestic_protocol amnestic_protocol Doris Longwing DorisLongwing.jpg i really, really enjoy antimemetics. I also enjoy infohazards, cognitohazards, things that are in your dreams. And of course, monster skips
ApoplexicApoplexic Apoplexic Crossley's Forest Queen ForestQueen.jpg Article focus, extraneous details, internal logical consistency Thing that show the Foundation as an actual entity composed of People with Opinions
BananaRepublicBananaRepublic Levi Eastern Tiger Swallowtail EasternTigerSwallowtail.jpg in-depth critique, plot holes, narrative, awkward wording long articles, heavy narrative, good drafts with large problems, train wreck articles
Countless SkiesCountless Skies Countless_Skies Wood White WoodWhite.jpg Clinical tone, characterization, line-by-line crit, mechanical errors, grammar, wording, consistency. Long articles, articles where the SCP format frames a story, trainwreck articles, articles with half-formed ideas, articles with a theme, articles that have drug weirdness, articles that are scary, mindf***s.
DrCarollDrCaroll Caroll Silver-spotted Skipper Skipper.jpg Imagery, clinical tone, endings/conclusions, grammar Short articles, GoI formats
Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade GabrielJade Purple Emperor PurpleEmperor.jpg Series-1 style articles, Format Screws, Clever containment procedures, Interesting anomalies.
JazstarJazstar Jazstar Blue Pansy BluePansy.jpg Grammar, wording, clinical tone, and psychology. Drafts by new writers, SCP articles, anomalous reinterpretations of psychological phenomena and mythology.
MendelssohnMendelssohn Mendelssohn Giant Owl GiantOwl.JPG Humanoids, characterization, evaluating if something can generate the intended emotional response in the reader, clinical tone, pacing, identifying extraneous info, general in-depth critique Character-focused drafts, shorter articles in general
PedantiquePedantique Pedantique Summer Azure SummerAzure.jpg Line-by-line crit, conceptual/narrative review. General weirdness, medium to long in length. [NOTE: INACTIVE FOR NOW.]
PoecilotheriaPoecilotheria Poecilotheria Viceroy butterfly Viceroy.jpg clinical tone, line-by-line, scientific terminology, logical consistency, brainstorming and expanding on ideas, and containment procedures ideas that need expanded on, complex or unusual containment procedures, anything medical, articles with severe grammatical or formatting issues, and stuff by people new to the site
PolynomPolynom Holly Blue HollyBlue.jpg awkward wording, grammar, and formatting mistakes; more line-by-lines than concept stuff prefer reviewing drafts from newer members, don't really have preference on length or general concept
ratsyratsy ratsy Orange Oakleaf OrangeOakleaf.jpg Line by line, grammar, mechanics, logic. Tales, humanoids, all things quirky or cute.
RimpleRimple Rimple Comma Comma.jpg Theme, emotionality, character and dialogue. "Clinical tone". Helping newbies find direction & meaning in drafts. WEIRD SHIT
sirpuddingsirpudding sirpudding Snowberry Clearwing SnowberryClearwing2.JPG
The Great HippoThe Great Hippo Glasswing Butterfly Glasswing.jpg
VeiedhimaedhrVeiedhimaedhr Veiedhimaedhr (Galaxy_Class) Sylphina Angel SylphinaAngel.jpg Obsessive Line by Line feedback, clinical tone, narratives, extraneous information trimming, awkward wording, concept checking, narrative structuring, checking the believability of bureaucratic bickering within the Foundation SCP articles, train-wreck articles, short-medium length articles, newbie articles which have conceptual potential but need to be quickly and brutally attuned to site standards, articles that try to evoke non-horrifying emotions, non-interstellar SCP articles, articles with rich characterization.
Butterflies promoted to OS or Mod while on Forum Crit are here!
Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby CaptainKirby Question Mark QuestionMark.jpg Narratives, execution, computer science stuff and sentence flow/wording Short-medium length articles, articles that use a simple concept in a surprising way, and exploration logs
DrMagnusDrMagnus DrMagnus Red Admiral RedAdmiral.jpg Clinical Tone, Computer Science, Phrasing, Foundation Lore Anything involving Computers, CotBG, "Old School" articles
LadyKatieLadyKatie LadyKatie Cairns Birdwing CairnsBirdwing.jpg Tales, mechanics, grammar
LeveritasLeveritas Leveritas Crimson Spotted Forester CrimsonSpottedForester.jpg Line-by-line and concept, Clinical tone, humanoids, ideas for backstory, reasonable Containment Procedures. Ideas that are beautifully simple in their execution.
Modern_ErasmusModern_Erasmus Modern_Erasmus Blue Morpho BlueMorpho.jpg Identifying superfluous info, narrative devolpment advice, grammar Anything related to history, mythology, or exploration
Sly161Sly161 Sly161 Painted Lady PaintedLady.jpg Grammar/mechanics, knowing if an idea will work, Foundation lore. perfers short-medium length drafts, weird creatures/enviroments.
taylor_itkintaylor_itkin taylor_itkin, taylor_critkin, taylor, etc. Tailed Jay TailedJay.jpg Line-by-line, narrative, dialogue, character development, and brainstorming Shorter drafts, new-writer drafts, SCP articles, anything with "new" ideas
trettertretter tretter, trots Neglected Eighty-eight NeglectedEightyEight.JPG Concepts, narratives, logical consistency, sentence flow, artillery crit Train wreck drafts, drafts from people who don't know how to write at all/don't know the community or its expectations
Zachary MaxwellZachary Maxwell ZacharyMaxwell Peacock Peacock.jpg Line-by-line crit with additional honest focus on concept/narrative (or lack thereof) Drafts that are somewhat sinking but can be saved; medium to long drafts; drafts from people new to the site and new to the concept.


Other staff!

NAME Chat Nick Callsign Image
Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell Conwell Oregon Swallowtail OregonSwallowtail.jpeg
Lazar LyusternikLazar Lyusternik Lazar Common Mormon CommonMormon.jpg
TaffetaTaffeta Taffeta Ulysses Swallowtail UlyssesSwallowtail.jpg
Tuomey TombstoneTuomey Tombstone Tuomey Emerald Swallowtail EmeraldSwallowtail.jpg
ZynZyn Zyn Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Alexandra.jpg