FurCon 20XX
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Item #: SCP-3728

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: [GET BACK TO THIS, AAAUGH]

Description: SCP-3728 is the collective designation for all anomalies connected to GoI-27. GoI-27 is a group comprised, in some percent, of scientists, mechanics, and surgeons, and deeply connected to the furry fandom internet subculture. Members of GoI-27 will attend large, formally organized gatherings of the furry fandom. These include Anthrocon, Midwest FurFest, Biggest Little Fur Con, Further Confusion, Rocky Mountain Fur Con, and Califur. GoI-27 uses anomalous technology (designated SCP-3728-A) in the fields of genetic modification and plastic surgery in attempts to physically alter individuals to resemble anthropomorphic mammals, fish, reptiles, or birds. Resultant subjects are designated SCP-3728-B. Members of GoI-27 will use instances of SCP-3728-A on subjects that they can convince to follow them to a secluded area.

Addendum-3728-A | Abridged List of Recovered SCP-3728-A Devices
Instance Appearance Effect Notes
SCP-3728-A-5 Four plastic tubes of varying length (28, 29, 30, and 31 cm long) and two thin, angled attachments that can attach to the top of one of the tubes. If human soft tissue is pressed against an instance of SCP-3728-A-5, a fleshy tissue matching the DNA will begin to from around the plastic. The cellular structure of this tissue resembles human bronchi. Object was found with small casings with swabs inside. Objects were also found next to large sheets of hard plastic that exhibited no anomalous properties.
SCP-3728-A-12 A cylinder 3 cm in diameter and 5 cm long. One end of the cylinder has a lens through which lasers of various colors may shine through. A small wheel on the opposite end of the object changes the color between five options: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. When shone on exposed human skin, 7 cm long feathers will grow within two minutes and reach full size in four hours. Color of feathers corresponds to color of laser shone on skin. If feathers are plucked, they will not grow back. The process is described as extremely uncomfortable and slightly painful. Recorded SCP-3728-A-12 instances suggest a version or versions of this device exists with the colors pink, purple, white, and black.
SCP-3728-A-28 A oblong, boomerang shaped device made of rubber and aluminum, 10 cm long. One side has a long, oblong hollow slot. The object has a button on the top of it. There is a small cylindrical compartment along the back. If any appendage is placed within the slot and the button at the top is pressed, SCP-3728-A-28 will clasp on, remove the appendage and cauterize the wound. It will then forcibly attach the item within its compartment (if any item was placed within the compartment beforehand) to the spot the appendage was and then release its grasp. This process takes approximately one second. If the item within the compartment was made in any part of muscle tissue, then the subject who it is attached to will be able to control its motion as far as the muscles permit. SCP-3728-28 was found with three vials containing tongues belonging to various snakes.
SCP-3728-A-42 A cube with width of 50 cm composed of aluminum. It has a hollow cube chamber that can be accessed via an airtight hatch at the top, which is 20 cm wide. This space was found filled with a mixture of sodium, potassium, phosphate, trehalose, HES, and gluconate most akin to Kyoto ET solution upon recovery. On a side adjacent to the hatch, there is a small slot that can be popped out via a button next to it. If the hair of an ungulate is inserted in the slot and the slot is closed, the device will begin to hum and the hatch will be sealed shut. After 2 hours, two feet of the chosen animal will be created, suspended in the formaldehyde. The open ends of the nerves and veins where the foot terminates will automatically connect to human veins and nerves if pressed against them. If anything other than the hair of an ungulate is inserted, or the hatch is not filled with formaldehyde, the machine will remain inactive. After 16 tests, SCP-3728-A-42 ceased to function. The machine has since been dismantled and studied, attempts at rebuilding the machine are underway.
Addendum-3728-2 | MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") Record of Midwest FurFest Attendance, 2016