Herman Fuller Collaboration Page
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Lollipop is no longer allowed to:
  1. Secretly administer Antabuse any medication to Bubblegum anyone.
  2. Hide all the Clown Impulse Suppressant because 'Clowns are supposed to be impulsive'.
  3. Bring a 'dune worm' through the Kaleidoscope.
  4. Ask Sandstorm to make a giant desert terrarium for said dune worm.
  5. Upload nightcore remixes of Virtuoso's arias on Youtube.
  6. Offer Clown's Milk to non-clowns she doesn't like as a covert attempt at assassination.
  7. Let any of Ripley's sea-monsters out of the Fun-house because 'they needed some fresh-air'.
  8. Attempt to locate the City of Adytum on Google Maps.
  9. Order a second Obama Llama to see if they'll bit each other's testicles off.
  10. Call Iris Dark for tech support.
  11. Call Percival Darke for tech support.
  12. Attempt to break her record of drinking 5 7 8 pints of Clown's Milk in one sitting.
  13. Attempt to break her record of producing 3 1/2 5 1/2 6 1/2 pints of Clown's Milk at one sitting.
  14. Take Victor any VIP guest on a tour of the Funhouse without any accompanying children.
  15. Call a Circus wide emergency conference to decide whether Quincy's butterflies pollinating Yume's flowers counts as sex.
  16. Debate customers on the validity of the Fifthist Church's teachings.
  17. Stretch Meaty the Meat Worm into a Mobius strip.
  18. Change the gravity in the bounce house from 'Moon' to 'Sun'.
  19. Create anatomically correct, animate balloon animals (not even for educational purposes).
  20. Commission Anderson Robotics to create "Five Nights at Freddy's" knock off animatronics.
  21. Attempt to spade and/or neuter any of the attractions in the Menagerie of Mayhem.
  22. Claim that napping during work hours are 'business calls to the Oneiroi Collective' (I don't care if she actually is talking with it, there's no reason she can't do it at night).
  23. Incorporate Miles the Bonecat into her Pussy Lovers routine (the boner pun was hilarious though).
  24. Challenge Motormouth to a pie eating contest.
  25. Crawl inside Motormouth's stomach while he's sleeping and then jump out as a 'surprise'.
  26. Ask the Amazing Zoltan if he knows why kids love the great taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, how many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop, etc.
  27. Re-purpose Dicksy's old reprogenetic equipment into a DIY bio-lab (It doesn't matter how easy Professor Abnormal made it look, self-replicating cotton candy is a disaster waiting to happen).
  28. Cite the Scarlet King mythos as a 'patriarchal yet functional' example of polyamory.
  29. Attempt to harvest silk from Library Pages.
  30. Use the Kaleidoscope to harvest helium from Jupiter (Yes, I know it's a dwindling resource. Let Elon Musk expose his ass to that much radiation to get it).
  31. Spam the Essie P database with grossly exaggerated entries about Jester.
  32. Claim she is the first openly LGBT individual to literally ride a rainbow (It's part of the midway. I'm sure openly gay people have been on it before her).
  33. Arrange play dates for Ragamuffin with other possessed dolls.
  34. Place Eliza inside of a custom made hamster ball.
  35. Ask Gary to help her make crank calls to the White House, Buckingham Palace, the Kremlin, O5 Council, you know what, just revoke her use of Gary's phone box altogether.
  36. Ask any of our Sur-prizers to create ectoentropic bouncy balls. We're lucky that thing bounced off into space before it killed anyone.
  37. Ride the Ferris Wheel on the top of its cars (I know she's not in any danger, but it sets a bad example for the younger guests).
  38. Use Cotton Candy and Calliope music recreationally during work hours.
  39. Introduce wooden ponies from the Carousel to real ponies from the Petting Zoo. The experience is existentially horrifying for both of them.
  40. Utter the phrase 'Circus Time Procedures' within earshot of Eugene.
  41. Tell the children of guests that running away from home can turn out great.
  42. Claim that her self-appointed position as the Circus's Princess entitles her to an adult-sized play castle (In all fairness this turned out be a great attraction for the mid-way, but it still isn't hers).
  43. Ask any members of the Cogwork Orthodoxy how the constant ticking doesn't drive them insane.
  44. Conduct 'sensitivity workshops' (I know she meant well, but it ended up being far more offensive than the inciting incident).
  45. Order any Wondertainment product that is living, explosive, radioactive, poisonous, autonomous, expensive or requires adult supervision without Icky's permission.