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Item #: SCP-2956

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation-operated bot (I/O-SILVER) is to review IntSCPFN servers for references to Site-5. Corrupted files are to be isolated and reported to the on-duty server administrator for review and correction. All records regarding SCP-2956 are to contain repeated affirmations that there is no Site-5.

Description: SCP-2956 is a phenomenon involving the anomalous alteration of internal Foundation files. Affected documents are modified to include references to a fictitious facility ('Site-5'). Although it is not yet understood how these references emerge, documents which repeatedly affirm the non-existence of Site-5 have demonstrated significant resistance against SCP-2956's effect. For this reason, personnel are to be reminded that there is no Site-5.

Depictions of Site-5 are inconsistent, but include several recurring details:

  • It is located on a man-made island.
  • It contains numerous anomalies centered around cognitohazardous effects.
  • It employs Professor Emelie Roth1 as a senior researcher.

As of 19/09/2010, it has been determined that occurrences of SCP-2956's effect are decreasing at a linear rate. At its current pace, SCP-2956 will cease all activity by 2017.

Personnel are to be reminded that there is no Site-5.

Addendum 2956.1: Attachments

Images found here.
site5-0.jpg | By Σ64 - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Potential images for Site-5. Note that the attribution might be incomplete in that it's not attribution in the manner specified by the artist.

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[FILE CREATED BY USER ccalvin@foundation.scp]

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A circular 0.5km perimeter has been demarcated surrounding SCP-XXXX, and civilian access is forbidden. Any entities found to be exiting SCP-XXXX are to be captured by on-site security forces and brought to the nearest Foundation secure site for interrogation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 16-acre artificial island located 75 kilometers south of Greenland. It consists of numerous concrete structures in a state of severe disrepair. Satellite imagery indicates the presence of a single pier on its south-eastern side, along with significant amounts of vegetation.

SCP-XXXX appears to be former Foundation secure Site-5, a facility created for the containment of anomalous phenomena. Site-5 was destroyed on ██/██/2007 during a catastrophic containment breach, when the on-site nuclear warhead was detonated. SCP-XXXX displays multiple differences from the original Site-5; namely that Site-5 was originally constructed in southern Oregon, rather than on an artificial island.

SCP-XXXX contains three intact buildings: two of which were designed for the containment of anomalies (Containment Area A and Containment Area B), and a smaller building used for clerical work (Office Area A). Exploration of these areas has revealed that SCP-XXXX houses a significant number of anomalies, some of which are uncontained.

SCP-XXXX was originally discovered by satellite footage in early 2017. This discovery was successfully suppressed from the public, and initial containment of SCP-XXXX began.

Addendum: Early Exploration Attempts

Following the discovery of SCP-XXXX, as well as the establishment that SCP-XXXX carried several details consistent with Site-5, an incursion into SCP-XXXX was mounted by a team of three researchers and four armed security personnel. This team was instructed to make hourly contact with the nearby Site-34, in order to relay discoveries and their condition to researchers stationed there.

Team 1 entered Containment Area A and performed an examination of the above-ground portion of the building. After discovering nothing of interest, the team entered the below-ground portion of Containment Area A. After two hours, Team 1 failed to respond to radio.

Another team made up of D-class personnel was sent into Containment Area A to ascertain the condition of Team 1. Team 2 was equipped with food and rations, as well as two-way radio communication sets for the purpose of relaying observations to personnel at Site-34. In addition, Team 2 was instructed to remain in constant radio contact with Site-34. Several notable segments of exploration footage has been recorded below.

D-01: Is anybody there?

Researcher Calvin: Yes. Have you entered the basement area of the building yet?

D-02: Nah, we're just outside.

D-03: Goddamn, did we have to do this in the winter? It's fucking cold.

D-01: Anything you wanna tell us before we go in?

Researcher Calvin: No. Please proceed.

D-01: Calvin, are you there?

Researcher Calvin: Have you discovered anything of interest?

D-03: Shit's already hitting the fan, yo.

D-01: There's a fuckton of bodies taped to the ceiling. Like, a whole fucking ton.

Researcher Calvin: Where are you, exactly?

D-01: Um… we're in a big-ass room… no windows…

D-03: Marty, you got the maps, where are we?

D-02: Fuck, I haven't been keeping track.

D-03: God damn it, Marty. You had one job, and you've already fucked it up.

Researcher Calvin: Please remain civil. Remember your primary mission.

Researcher Calvin: Is anybody there?

D-01: Yeah, what's the matter?

Researcher Calvin: You have been silent for ten minutes now. This is generally cause for concern.

D-03: Nah, being quiet just makes it easier to not inhale whatever makes this place smell like horse shit.

D-01: This place smells like a rose, actually. You've just been standing next to Marty for the whole time.

D-02: Shut the fuck up, Kevin. You don't smell so pretty yourself.

Researcher Calvin: Again, remain civil. What floor are you on?

D-01: 5th or 6th floor, I think? I don't know. Marty, this is your job.

D-02: I- I don't know.

D-03: Marty, give me the maps.

<3 second radio silence>

D-03: Yeah, we're on the 6th floor. Marty's just a fucking idiot.

D-02: Fuck you.

D-01: I think we found the team, chief.

Researcher Calvin: What is their status?

D-03: They're fucking dead.

D-01: Fuck, they're all gooey and shit. They look like balloon animals.

<2 second radio silence>

D-02: Fuck!

Researcher Calvin: What's going on?

D-01: Marty tripped over one of the bodies. It vomited up some weird green shit.

D-03: I just kicked a body. They don't even have bones. It's just green shit all the way through.

D-01: We need somebody to taste test it. Marty, I'll give you the honors.

D-02: Do everybody a favor and fuck off.

D-02: Holy shit!

Researcher Calvin: Are you okay, D-████?

D-01: No, the stairs collapsed under him. Now we can't go up.

D-02: I think my leg is fucking broken!

D-03: It looks like that's the only stairwell here. It looks like there's an emergency ladder, though. We can use that.

D-01: Fuck you, I'm not dragging Marty's fat ass up a ladder.

D-02: Base command, base command! Where the hell are you?

Researcher Calvin: Is there a problem?

D-02: I've been trying to get ahold of you for the past half hour!

Researcher Calvin: We did not receive any transmissions from you in the past half hour.

D-02: Kevin and Frank are dead. I have no clue where the fuck I am.

Researcher Calvin: Could you explain, to the best of your ability, what's happened?

D-02: I don't know. We heard a noise, and Kevin went in to check it out. Frank went in after him, and I haven't seen either of them since.

<Two minutes of radio silence while Researcher Calvin conferences with other personnel at Site-34>

Researcher Calvin: We'll send in an extraction team to get you out7. Stay put.

D-02: Thanks a ton, Calvin.

<The following audio was received by Site-34 three days after the previous segment.>

D-01: Fuck, we're finally outside.

D-03: You still smell like horse shit, by the way.

D-01: Shut up. Just be glad we didn't keel over, or some shit.

D-03: Look, there's a boat out there. I can set up a smoke signal, give me a second.

<Three minute radio silence>

D-01: I think we got its attention. Look, it's coming this way!

D-03: Thank God.

<Two minute radio silence>

D-03: Looks like-

<Radio interference for 74 seconds>

D-03: -shot it, threw it back, wasn't human.

<Transmission abruptly ends>

No further transmissions were received from Team 2. Team 2 was considered KIA as of ██/██/2017. It is also of note that no movement was recorded by the designated observers of SCP-XXXX during this incursion.

Addendum: Exploration Z9

Following the conclusion of Exploration 02, MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") was contacted for an incursion into SCP-XXXX by veteran exploration specialists. The full detachment of MTF Zeta-9 consisted of a designated captain (Z9-Cap), and five exploratory team members (Z9-1, Z9-2, Z9-3, Z9-4, and Z9-5).

A Foundation-controlled boat (Base Camp) was deployed 0.25 kilometers away from SCP-XXXX to act as a "base camp" for Team 3. Base Camp contained quarters and rations for the team to use over the course of the exploration.

Files pertaining to Exploration Z9 are attached below.