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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe (Pending Reclassification)

Special Containment Procedures:

Description (Outdated): SCP-XXXX is a recurring phenomenon where files in the SCiPNET database will be revised to include reference to the ficticious Foundation Secure Site-5.

Site-5 is described as and confirmed to be constructed on an artificial island approximately 6.5 hectares (16 acres) in area. In addition, multiple reports suggest that Site-5 was primarily dedicated to containing SCP objects of memetic or cognitohazardous nature. However, due to the inconsistency of information manifested by SCP-XXXX and the difficulty of investigating Site-5, little is known about the site.

SCP-XXXX was discovered after Research Assistant Clarile noted that the documentation for SCP-555 contained references to a site that did not have an associated site dossier in the SCiPNET database. Multiple references to Site-5 were later discovered after a cursory database search.

Addendum 01: Abridged List of SCP-XXXX Revisions

Affected File Transcription/Description Notes
SCP-555 "The Foundation was alerted to a possible SCP after a coffin due to be buried was pulled from the pallbearers' grip and came to rest above the grave of a ███████ ███████, who died in 1948. SCP-555 was formerly contained at Site-5 prior to its transfer to Site-78." First instance of SCP-XXXX discovered.
SCP-2193 "Provisional Site-███, Site-5 and Observation Site-██ are to be exempted from this procedure, in order to facilitate observation of the phenomena." N/A
SCP-2614 "Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2614 is to be kept on a pedestal within a sealed vault at Site-5, located inside Reservoir 5. The vault is to posses remote monitoring equipment, 5 automatic turrets (both ceiling mounted), and an open incinerator bellow the vault, which is powered by 10 auxiliary generators, as well as an emergency flooding system should aforementioned systems fail. Surveillance footage is to be filtered though an automatic cognitohazard censoring program, and kept at least 20 50 meters away from other memetic objects stored at Site-5. Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to access SCP-2614 for any reason." First major revision made by SCP-XXXX.
SCP-3280 "Discovery: SCP-3280 was originally discovered in a water stream in one of the artificial rivers in Site-5. Entity was separated from the water and placed into a containment cell. It is of note that there is no known way to separate SCP-3280 from its component water.
Site-19 Emergency Bulliten "ALERT: Site-5 has experienced a gross containment breach of all systems. Several Euclid and Keter class entities have breached containment and are posing a DELTA-level hazard. Please deploy MTF task force to coordinates// [DATA REDACTED]" See Addendum 02

Addendum 02: Discovery of Site-5

MTF Theta-22 ("Wet Ears") were deployed to the coordinates described by SCP-XXXX. This led to the discovery of an artificial island 253 kilometers off the coast of Greenland. This island contains a collection of buildings in a dilapidated state. This island and these buildings matched descriptions of Site-5 and had corresponding markings.

Temporary Observation Posts XXXX-A and XXXX-B have been established off the coast of Site-5 and on the southeast beach, respectively. Further investigation is pending.

Addendum 03: Exploration Logs

Addendum 04: Investigation by Ethics Committee