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Wayfarers by Conwell

Mobile Task Force Eta-13, also known as "Gulliver's Tourists," was the SCP Foundation team created to journey into a massive series of tunnels extending through extra-dimensional space, colloquially known as "The Gate." Lead by Sgt. Darren Wells and Dr. Johna Baldric…

Unfounded by Clef

un·found·ed adj. Having no foundation or basis in fact.

Those Who Lived On by Fae

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
And that which man thinks he knows best
Might have been different before he came.
Ancient stories, once lain to rest.

The Works Of Doc Burns

Single white male, 20-25, wanted for questioning in conjunction with multiple homicides.

The Stuff Industry by AndarielHalo

As small business, your hours can flex, and we can flex to accommodate YOU because The Stuff Industry cannot function without YOU!

The Lombardi Tales by Mann

So, you wanna join the Foundation… Pal, you don't know the half of it. I seen shit you wouldn't fuckin' believe if your mama told you in Sunday School. Name's Max Lombardi, an' I been an Agent for ten goddamn years. You wanna know what it's like? Lemme tell you about it…

The Elusive Anderson by Conwell

The individual or group known as Anderson has long been a very minor, if not very annoying, thorn in the Foundation’s side. Primarily dealers of anomalous robotics and biomechanics, they have consistently avoided capture through both the nimbleness offered by the small size of their operation and an apparently vast network of connections with other groups and individuals of interest.

The Coldest War by Vezaz

The Foundation knows no ideology but containment. The rest of the world, on the other hand…

Tales of Mr. Collector by Salman Corbette

Wow! You just found yourself the Tales of Mr. Collector, a limited edition story collection from Dr. Wondertainment!

Read them all and become Mr. Reader!!

Stealing Solidarity by Djoric

These are the tales that serve as the basis of the canon: the escape of the Black Rabbit Company from the Foundation and the theft of SCP-2722.