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Item #: SCP-2278

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2278 is to be contained in an SHCC at Site-19. Any movement of D-Class personnel or humanoid SCP objects should be routed in such a way as to remain outside a 30m range of SCP-2278's cell. Personnel within this range are to be mindful of their own gesticulations, and should be careful not to unintentionally generate additional instances of SCP-2278-A. Warning signs have been installed within this range, listing appropriate hand gestures.

SCP-2278 is to be fully restrained through the use of SCP-2278-A instances, generated by on-site security. Currently, instances used in containment consist of:

  • The rope SCP-2278 was initially contained with, generated by Agent Richards.
  • A pair of handcuffs.
  • A 5m3 room. This is to provide an extra layer of defense against future containment breaches.
  • A single gurney, complete with four-point restraints. This is to ensure SCP-2278 is unable to generate SCP-2278-A instances through its arm movements.
  • A pair of security mitts with finger separators. This is used to limit SCP-2278's manual dexterity, as SCP-2278 has been known to generate both lock picks and blades to unbind itself.

Items corresponding to SCP-2278-A instances used in the entity's containment are located within its cell, and security officers assigned to the entity's containment are to familiarize themselves with these items, to assure the proper items are visualized when generating replacement instances.

SCP-2278 has shown no need for sustenance or rest, though as per Ethics Committee request, a television has been installed in SCP-2278's cell; along with a selection of silent films.

Description: SCP-2278 is a humanoid entity roughly 1.7m in height. The entity wears a striped pullover with suspenders as well as white makeup on its face and exposed skin. Testing has revealed that SCP-2278's clothing and makeup are unable to be removed, and are suspected to be a part of the organism. Further testing of SCP-2278's physical properties is hindered by its anomalous effects.

SCP-2278 is intangible, and completely incapable of directly interacting with any matter. It is only able to affect its surroundings by utilizing SCP-2278-A instances. It is currently unknown how SCP-2278 is able to stand and walk on solid ground. Furthermore, it has yet to be ascertained how SCP-2278 retains its location relative to Earth, as it should theoretically be massless. Its intangibility likewise extends to sound waves, rendering SCP-2278 completely deaf. How this does not also affect light waves and its visual perception has yet to be ascertained.

SCP-2278-A instances are objects or items generated by SCP-2278 by 'miming' actions or movements. Instances are able to be generated by any person, (even those not cognizant of SCP-2278's effects) within a 25m radius of SCP-2278. SCP-2278-A instances are completely invisible across the electromagnetic spectrum, and are only detectable through tactile observation. SCP-2278-A instances cease to exist only once they cross the 25m boundary.

Recovery: On 10/12/97, a distressed civilian made repeated calls to emergency officials after encountering 'invisible walls' in the local park. SCP-2278 fled on foot once the police arrived, and it was reported that the suspect was able to evade capture by traveling directly through walls and other obstacles. MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") was dispatched to investigate. SCP-2278 was found several blocks away from the park, apparently winded. It was intercepted by Agents Bryce and Nakamara, though their attempts at capture were negated by SCP-2278's intangibility. Agent Richards, having seen the encounter unfold, holstered his weapon and pantomimed the action of throwing a lasso around SCP-2278. Agent Richards successfully restrained SCP-2278 using this method. A cover story was released dismissing the event as a publicity stunt from a traveling circus.

Addendum SCP-22878.1

Upon recommendation from the containment team for SCP-2586, several photographs depicting the aftermath of SCP-2586's "attack" on Site-17's medical bay were brought to SCP-2278. After viewing the first photograph; SCP-2278 appeared shocked, exhibited high levels of stress, and refused to participate further. SCP-2278 remained despondent for several days afterwards. Further testing in this manner has been denied by the Ethics Committee.