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An article tagged "hub" contains links to other works, acting as the primary method of navigation between related concepts. These can be hubs for canons, tales, guides, or otherwise.

Hubs should contain at least one of the following tags, but may contain as many as apply. If you feel your hub doesn't fall under one of these modifier tags, please contact the technical team in order to have the appropriate tag created.
* tale-hub
* canon-hub
* guide-hub
* contest-hub
* art-hub
* site-hub


An article is tagged SCP when it is posted in one of the SCP Content Archives. These include Series pages, Jokes, Explained, and Archived at the moment. SCP articles MUST contain one of the following object class tags, which are mutually exclusive, except in extraordinary cases.

  • safe
  • euclid
  • keter
  • thaumiel
  • neutralized
  • esoteric-class
  • explained

In adidition, SCPs can have specific modifier tags which describe other attributes about the article. Each of these requires fullfilling their specific requirements.

  • 001-proposal - The article is a 001 proposal, and posted within the hub on the SCP-001 slot.
  • heritage - The article is a member of the heritage list.


Tales are a more free form creative work which can take a significant number of forms.
* Poetry - A specific modifier tag if the work is poetry



An article is a GoI format, if it's formatted in such a way that the author intends it to be written, in-universe, by one of the Foundation GoIs. A GoI doesn't need an official tag in order to count as a goi-format, on a case-by-case basis.


  • GoI formats should additionally be tagged with the GoI tag which it corresponds to, in addition to any other applicable tags.
  • If the GoI the article is based on has an offical GoI tag, it should additionally be tagged with _[goi-tag] to allow for indexing.

Other tags to describe:


Supplement pages are works which cannot stand on their own, and act as secondary pages to the primary page. It should not contain any other top level tags, but may contain other tags on a case-by-case basis. Generally, supplement pages do not contain a significant number of tags.


A page dedicated to artwork involving the SCP Universe.

Modifier Tags: None.


An essay is a user-produced article which describes some aspect of writing an article. It can be technical content, writing concepts, tips, or even just how to use in-universe concepts. Generally essays can be written by anyone, but are subject to the same voting process as anything else.

Modifier Tags: None


An official, staff-sponsored or staff-written page which describes How a Thing Be™. This tag is not available for the general userbase to apply. If you feel a page should be marked guide, and isnt, contact a staff member.

modifier tags: none


An author page is a page for you, as an author, to express yourself freely. Most people use it to list out their writing, but others use it as a personal advertisement, avante guarde artistic expression, or place to annoy other users. The only requirements are having 3+ articles which have survived the voting process.

Modifier Tags: none.


A staff only page which describes what's going on in the world of the wiki. Generally this tag should only be used by CO staff.


A special staff page which is available to moderators and above. This is a page to test out staff-necessary functions or to keep special coding to let the wiki function.


A special tag used for articles that are about to be deleted. This should be the ONLY tag on the page.


A staff tag which indicates that a page is critical to the site's operation. Don't futz with a page marked site-component!

  • project — This needs to be retired. Maybe migrated to some other tag, or at least reworked to something. This can probably be used by 'hub' with a modifier tag. Definintly shouldn't be a top-level tag.

  • splash — This needs to be retired

  • sandbox - these need to be retired

Global modifiers:

  • admin
  • archived

Creative Works Modifiers:

  • co-authored
  • joke