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Welcome to the Technical Team Hub

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Who are we?

The technical team is the wiki's go-to team for any major or minor changes which require advanced knowledge of wikidot syntax, web coding, or applications coding.

The Technical Team is responsible for the maintenance of technical assets (such as the site template, chat bot, and core site code components), identifying and diagnosing technical issues with the site, and either correcting them or relaying the issues to Wikidot.

The Technical Team is also responsible for consistent tagging of all pages of the SCP Wiki and assisting other staff teams with projects requiring technical input, such as contests and categorization.

The interim team captain (pending official appointment of a permanent captain) is DrMagnusDrMagnus. Any questions or concerns regarding technical issues should be directed at him or the administrative contacts for this team.

I need help, who do I ask?

Technical staff aren't available 24/7 unfortunately. We are, however, available as soon as humanly possible.

You can always send any technical questions to any technical team member via wikidot PM, or you can visit our IRC Chatroom.

Who is on the tech team?

Below is a quick reference for the technical team members. Users with a role in red are currently inactive.

Team Member Role Staff Level
RogetRoget Interim Administrative Contact Admin
DrMagnusDrMagnus Interim Team Captain Operational Staff
RandominiRandomini Vice-Captain: Wiki Upkeep & Tagging Operational Staff
ChaoSeraChaoSera Vice-Captain: Applications Development Operational Staff
AccelerandoAccelerando Technical Staff Operational Staff
PixeltasimPixeltasim Technical Staff Operational Staff
pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul Technical Staff Operational Staff
RimpleRimple Junior Technical Staff Junior Staff
ghostchibighostchibi Junior Technical Staff Junior Staff

For details on roles, levels, and responsibilities, please check our team member details page.


One of our most important jobs, is of course maintaining and tagging the wiki. It's a pretty complicated subject, and the tag guidelines are explained here.

There's also a general list of tags available here.