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It's a Hard Knock Life

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Item #: SCP-K(NOK)

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures:

Dr. Robert Dorer is to monitor PoI-K's mental health and act as a therapist. PoI-K is to meet with Dr. Dorer at least once every month, resorting to audiovisual communication platforms (such as Skype or Discord) when necessary. If any anomalous activity is discovered or suspected, Dr. Dorer is to report the development immediately. Otherwise, sessions are allowed to remain private and unrecorded as per the Ethics Committee.

Description: SCP-K was a series of reality degradation events originating at 49.90° N, 97.14° W (Winnipeg, Canada) and ending at 18.24° N, 66.04° W (Caguas, Puerto Rico) . These events only affected a single town at a time and extend roughly 1 km outside of the legal boundaries of the town.

When a town was affected by SCP-K, the population would begin behaving as if they were actors in a musical theatrical production and certain objects would be converted into realistic replicas of themselves. A random group within the town, ranging from four to six individuals, would be the focus of some sort of plot, often accompanied by a "supporting cast" consisting of an additional five to ten individuals. The collective designation of all affected individuals was SCP-K-A, and the main group of four to six individuals were labelled SCP-K-A Prime. The plot of each SCP-K manifestation changed between instances, but would be roughly outlined by events already set in motion before the event1.

Any objects or people entering the area of effect would slowly become subject to the anomaly's effects and be converted into a prop or actor. For objects this effect was almost instantaneous, while for people this process could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours, depending on the person's proximity to SCP-K-A Prime. This effect was stronger the more SCP-K-A Prime individuals were gathered in one place. Most objects and all people would return to normal after an SCP-K event had run its course.

Addendum-K-1 | Abridged List of Recorded SCP-K Events3

Addendum-K-2 | Further Details on Event SCP-K-18
Despite being apart of SCP-K-A Prime, Camila Marquez (hereby referred to as PoI-K) never sang throughout the entirety of the SCP-K event and in several parts deviated significantly from what would have been the presumed story line of SCP-K. Additionally, PoI-K expressed fear and confusion in most of the parts where other members were singing. At the conclusion of Act-II, PoI-K refused to participate in bows. A record of the events occurring at the conclusion of Act II is transcribed below:

Addendum-K-3 | Recovered Information from PoI-K During Intensive Care
After one week of recovery, PoI-K was able to speak. An interview was conducted immediately, and recorded below.

Further interviews yielded no new information, with PoI-K continuing their fascination with the door and showing general paranoia. Due to PoI-K's knowledge of SCP-K, and their unique mental disorders, the Ethics Committee ruled that PoI-K be returned to society without amnestics and see a Foundation therapist made aware of the situation in full. This arrangement has continued to the time of writing (UPDATED: 08/09/2024).

The following video transcript was recovered from PoI-K's phone. Despite the limitations of the phone, the video was recorded in 3840 x 2160 120FPS and lasts 18min 26s while only taking up 3 MB of space. Video was taken on 7/31, at 23:48. The video appears to be filmed from multiple points of view with lapses in time.

Addendum-K-4 | Further Anomalous Activities
On 11/02/2024, PoI-K was reported missing by Ms. Marquez (Mr. Marquez had died a year earlier of a heart attack). A single Foundation agent was sent to the house to investigate alongside the police force. The transcription below is their interview with Ms. Marquez.

Quick thing of what happens:
Agent walks in, introduces himself. He has the same name as the dead husband. Mrs. Marquez comments about how her husband must be watching down from heaven. Agent tells her that there wasn't any sign of a break in, so the most likely result is that she ran away. Mrs. Marquez is relieved, although still worried, and thanks him. Agent asks her some questions about where Camila might have gone and any strange

Due to a lack of any activity since, SCP-K has been marked as 'neutralized' until further notice.