A Vase of Hibiscus

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Alternate Titles

  • Unseen Burdens of Fame and Fortune (very DarkStuffian, meaning that it might not perfectly connect to the skip but elicits a feeling that I find interesting and might change headcanons in its wake)
  • The Nights on Broadway (song reference)
  • Time Spent in the Spotlight (alternatively A Day in the Limelight but it's not just one day so)
  • All Eyes on Us (also a song reference, but a worse one)
  • Making it Past Auditions (similarly DarkStuffian)
  • Smile. We're all the Main Act. (DARK AND EDGY TITLE which is I guess 'Varaxinian' or something. Also is a bit reveally)
  • Smile, You're on Camera (More DarkStuffian version o' your title)
  • All the Worlds a Stage (suggested by captain Kirby, I love it and Ninevolt loves it, kirby said if not this one, they would choose hard knock) Varxous: I like this one a lot, I'm going to roll with it unless you disagree or by some grace of god, we find a better one.


We're gonna need an author post somewhere. SO let's draft em here

Darkstuff gets top post
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SCP-K-1 Winnipeg, Canada 11/17/1898 Reports indicate that the start of SCP-K-1 was a shortage of maple syrup. Over the course of Act I, it was revealed that the culprit must have been someone with political influence. At the end, it was revealed that the incredibly popular mayor was the cause of the shortage, apparently for his own benefit. The event concluded with the mayor being found out, dunked in maple syrup, and arrested by the local police department. First recorded SCP-K instance.
SCP-K-9 Howell, Michigan 01/01/1950 SCP-K-A Prime was comprised of four individuals that come into town to attempt to individually start pet stores. Upon discovering each other beginning the same venue of business, competition arose quickly. The plot centered around their attempts to sabotage one another, but took a turn when Henry Wair got bitten by a wolf contained in Jasper Sven's store as a booby trap and finds himself a werewolf. The event ended when Max Hue, Jake Vhat, and Jasper Sven shot Henry Wair with a silver bullet, paradoxically making him not a werewolf but not killing him, and chose to combine their franchises. The "Hue, Vhat, Sven, Wair in Howell" Pet Store is still under surveillance, but has shown no further anomalous activity.