XK-12 Series

The fox ran through the woods, dodging trees, logs, brush. He was not focused to hunt, but to escape.

From the corner of an eye the fox saw the man, it bolted immediately to the right. Suddenly, something grabbed it by the scruff of the neck. The fox wiggled, but couldn't break free.

"You put up a good fight. I know you can do better than that." Said the man holding it up to chest height.

"What's the point?" Said the fox. "You know I'll just get loose again. You always doubt my capability."

"No, I don't. I doubt your sagacity. What's this, the fifth time?"

"Oh, come now, you can't possibly keep this up forever."

The man shrugs. "Maybe not. But I won't be the one to retrieve you. Why can't you stay put?"

"Because I dislike being stuck in a box for eternity."

"Fair enough." The man turns around to his colleagues. "We got him, let's start heading back, now."

The men put the fox into the back of a covered truck, bound by a chain and guarded. The man who caught him, Agent Sigma, slips into the front passenger seat. The truck rumbles to life at the turn of a key and flies off towards its destination. The fox sits in silence, quietly detailing a plan of escape. The driver, keeping his eyes on the bumpy dirt road, tosses a cigarette out of the window. A voice crackles over the radio.

"Delta seven, this is overlord, do you copy?"

Sigma takes the radio, "Overlord, this is Sigma, over."

"We have an incoming transfer to Site Alpha, over."

"What's the status?"

"Status is kilo one, over."

"Copy." He places the radio back on the holder and turns to the driver. "Looks like we got a keter."

"A keter? Is 72 even ready for that?"

"Not sure, but we're about to find out."