Outline SCP-XXX1:

Class: Safe

Image of possible lab:
Floor plan of lab:

A self cleaning, sentient laboratory with an obsessive compulsive cleaning disoder. Perfectly useful for researchers as the small room is capable of generating standard equipment rapidly and more complex machinery over the course of several days/weeks. The equipment unless asked to preserve dissapears as soon as it is left down on any surface and the area it touched shines as if freshly buffed.

Nature: Obsessive compulsive, prone to temper tantrum style lashing out and seemingly petulant actions-Refusing to cooperate with item production, locking doors and refusing to open them when ordered, accidentally misplacing experiments or data if slighted etc. Most aggressive case being setting the bottom of a D-personnel's trousers alight with a small flame generated from a bunsen and gas tap. It has since been reasoned that SPC-XXXX though this fitting retribution for the transgression of traipsing mud into and across several of the rooms and then attempting to leave without cleaning any of it up.

Containment Protocol: SCP-XXXX is currently confined in its effect within a 35x30 metre room complex located within Site-BLANK. Due to SCP-XXXX's somewhat testing personality traits, D-level personnel are required to have a Level-2 Researcher present in order to ensure that activities allow the continued peace of SCP-XXXX (Addendum 1. And to stop the picky thing from hiding hard copy data of people working within it. It was only because one of the Aides randomly turned up the the air conditioning for the place that I got back my notes when I did.-Dr. Marshall).

Current experimentation has shown that removal of generated objects from any of the rooms, extraction of amenities such as cupboards or sinks and their introduction or instillation in other facilities does not create new instances or spread the anomalous effect. Such experimentation is ill advised, however, as the interference only causes SCP-XXXX to cease all functions within the entirity of the room complex until a replacement is re-installed or the original returned (See Attached Video document for further information; Video Log-SCP-XXXX-12/11/20BLANK).

As SCP-XXXX is a none mobile anomalous effect, and provides no signs of being transitive, containment protocol for this SCP is limited to access by request to SCP-XXXX's current caretaker (Dr. Marshall) with additional credence to continued study of SCP-XXXX's capabilities. If studies performed within SCP-XXXX contain a predictable amount of mess, it may be neccessary to request a team of janitorial staff in order to aid SCP-XXXX with the clean up afterwards. (Addendum 2. The Janitorial staff can keep complaining all they like, SCP-XXXX knows how it likes things done and they should be well versed in meeting its requirements. Or at least aware that nothing they do will be quite sufficient for the thing but that the effort will be appreciated on its part anyway- Dr. Marshall.)

Description: SCP-XXXX is a floor of research quality laboratory space, seperated into several rooms, each with a unique brass plaque indicating the rooms name and function. The laboratory space is of high end design containing many expensive instruments such as a Gas Chromatographer-Mass Spectrometer and a Scanning Electron Microscope. SCP-XXXX contains dozens of free outlets capable of running externally brought devices but no signs of an internal power source have as yet been found, nor is SCP-XXXX connected to Site-BLANK's wiring, plumbing or gas supply and yet appears to have free access to such sources.

A detailed floor plan of SCP-XXXX has been attached to this document so that users may familiarise themselves with its layout and each rooms function. This familiarity helps with time management within SCP-XXXX and prevents incidents such as those experienced by D-68452, See Incident Log-SCP-XXXX/D-68452 for more information on this incident.