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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the varying nature of SCP-X instances, containment of physical (XP) instances will be performed through one of these three ways: destruction of the affected object, prevention of public access, or, in case the anomaly is does not pose any threat of being noticed, no action will be taken. There are currently no possible containment procedures for media or conceptual (designated XNP - non-physical) instances.

Description: SCP-X is, in it's simplest form, information that cannot be gained. This information may be incomprehensible to the human mind, unable to be learned due to anomalous physical circumstance, or be due to any other set of reasons. SCP-X anomalies seem to inhabit every single facet of life; as many as 1 in 3 people have encountered an instance in their lifetime. SCP-X instances are pieces of information that cannot be learned, not pieces of information that haven't been learned yet. SCP-X instances are impossible to learn at any point in time or space.
Certain larger instances, such as historical events, entire scientific concepts, and anomalous information on popular websites poses a threat of declassifying the Foundation. Because of this, a ranking system (AMITR - Anomalous Missing Information Threat Ranking) has been developed.

White: These instances are either unnoticeable or are extremely unlikely to be noticed by the public. There are thousands of instances which are ranked white for varying reasons.

Green: These are instances which will only affect specific people or are easily contained, and as such will not gain mass media attention. Green instances are somewhat uncommon, but can pose a threat under the right conditions.

Yellow: These instances pose a high risk of being noticed by the public and are relatively common. Yellow instances pose a great risk to exposure of the foundation and must be constantly searched for.

Red: Red instances have gained mass media attention or are in the process of it. These instances are almost always temporary due to the nature of the media but must be explained or removed from public attention immediately.

Gray: Gray instances are instances that are so massive or encompassing that they inhibit or completely block the scientific progress of humanity, are simply accepted as a fact of life, or are engraved in the physics and properties of our universe. Because of their all-encompassing nature, some gray instances may go undiscovered forever.

Addendum 11/3/17 - HCML Supervisor ██████ ████ O'Ryan
It has come to my attention that some higher-ups in the Foundation would like to remove SCP-X from SCiPnet and replace the slot with something else. Apparently, we should remove SCP-X simply because it is a deficiency in the human mind, not an anomalous issue. What do I think about this?
I think that the point of the Foundation is to contain or categorize what we do not know or understand. Deficiencies in our knowledge cause us to believe what does not fit our models of physics or thought. So the purpose of the Foundation is not to contain what is not normal - rather, we choose to keep our strange world, in a universe of strange worlds, "normal", and hope and pray that our world stays small. So perhaps SCP-X is a deficiency in the human mind- but so is the reasoning behind the Foundation.