Mother Nature

Item #: SCP-2442

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Because SCP-2442 cannot be moved without possible negative effects to the entire planet, according to itself, Site 78 has been built on the property that SCP-2442 exists on. SCP-2442 "lives" in a fenced in area of forest outside the village of ██████, Turkey. The area must at all times have one (1) armed guard posted at the entrance to ensure no possibly harmful materials are brought into the containment area. Anyone with Level 2 clearance may enter the area at will, to converse with SCP-2442, as it has been noted that Staff seems to have a generally more positive demeanor after visits with her.

Description: SCP-2442 appears to be an elderly woman (appearance shows age as being between 70-90 years old, but she has shown no signs of aging since being brought to the Foundation's attention in 18██) laying in a clearing of the woods, face-up. Her skin seems to similar to both dirt and tree-bark, her hands and feet seem to meld with the ground and become the Earth itself. Her hair turns into water at 9cm away from her head, it is currently unknown how this happens and studies as the the chemical makeup of her hair and its water are underway. SCP-2442 is sapient, and capable of speaking all languages currently know to man, and some 37 unclassified languages of unknown origin. SCP-2442 cannot be technically defined as alive, due to the lack of all organs, or any biological components at all (not including her eyes, nose and mouth). SCP-2442 apparently has no needs to keep herself functioning as she currently is. Because all forms of dating to determine her age have been inconclusive, Dr. R██████ chose to ask SCP-2442 about her age, her reply was at first a laugh, before claiming she was as old as the planet itself.

Addendum: It has been noticed that there is a possible connection between SCP-2442 showing strong emotions, and natural disasters occurring worldwide. Henceforth it is suggested that no personnel converse about subjects that seem to give SCP-2442 emotional distress, such as war, death, poverty, etc.. This has resulted in the Reclassification of SCP-2442 from Safe, to Euclid.