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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Contaiment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained at Site-66 in an 80 x 60 x 30 cm cage. SCP-XXXX is never to be given any materials other than food, water, and one 7 x 7 cm square of cardboard to serve as a chew toy for SCP-XXXX. All food served to SCP-XXXX must be in mush form and water should be served in a ceramic dish secured to the bottom of the cage. No technology should be introduced to SCP-XXXX outside of testing conditions.

In the event of a containment breach, Dr. Leroi is to approach SCP-XXXX and relocate it to its cage. If Dr. Leroi is unavailable at the time of a containment breach, MTF-Gamma-12 (“Mousetraps”) is to recontain SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is permitted two hours of "play time" with Dr. Leroi at the end of each month, following cooperative behavior. SCP-XXXX is also permitted one standard issue military-grade flashlight at the end of each month, following cooperative behavior. Flashlight privileges revoked indefinitely by order of Dr. Leroi.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) that is physically identical to others of its species. SCP-XXXX possesses intelligence comparable to that of an adult human, and is capable of communicating with personnel provided the proper means.

SCP-XXXX has been shown to be capable of fully dismantling or recreating any machinery or other piece of technology that it has previously viewed in person or in picture format. SCP-XXXX is fully aware of its abilities and has used them multiple times to breach containment.

SCP-XXXX was acquired by the Foundation when it escaped an animal testing facility owned by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Security camera footage showed that SCP-XXXX used an iPhone 7, over 30 AA batteries, and a digital watch to create a device similar in function to a taser. SCP-XXXX used this device to incapacitate several researchers before freeing several other rats from their cages. After thirty seconds of communication between SCP-XXXX and the other rats, the rats dispersed and began bringing SCP-XXXX mechanical parts, eventually dismantling the security cameras in the facility.

The Foundation recovery team that contained SCP-XXXX searched the building afterwards and found several devices presumably created by SCP-XXXX, as well as 35 dead rats. These rats all died of blood loss and had been severely mutilated in the jugular region.

During a containment breach of SCP-XXXX, it encountered Dr. Leroi, a Level 4 researcher assigned to SCP-XXXX. After this encounter, SCP-XXXX refused to communicate with any personnel other than Dr. Leroi. Dr. Leroi has now been designated as SCP-XXXX's primary caretaker. All testing involving SCP-XXXX must be approved by Dr. Leroi.

SCP-XXXX has made multiple requests for a female rat with which to mate. Due to SCP-XXXX's plotting nature, these requests have been denied.

Interview Log XXXX:

Interviewer: Dr. Leroi
Interviewed: SCP-XXXX
Foreword: Due to SCP-XXXX's inability to speak, it is given a standard QWERTY keyboard on which to type its answers. All dialogue from SCP-XXXX was typed unless otherwise stated.

<Begin Log>
Dr. Leroi: How are you feeling today, SCP-XXXX?
Dr. Leroi: And why is that?
SCP-XXXX: lonely. no mate
Dr. Leroi: We won't give you a mate, SCP-XXXX. We've told you that.
SCP-XXXX: won't work. won't test
Dr. Leroi: Are you trying to say that you won't cooperate with personnel?
Dr. Leroi: For the last time, SCP-XXXX, we won’t-

Testing Log

Log format
Materials provided:
End result:

Materials provided: One standard issue military grade flashlight, one Nikon D850 camera, and three flood lights.
End result: SCP-XXXX created a mobile device fitted with two of the three flood lights and that was powered by the batteries of the flashlight. When personnel entered the room to retrieve this device, SCP-XXXX activated it, blinding multiple personnel and damaging the eyes of several others. SCP-XXXX then breached containment.

Materials provided: One picture of SCP-294, components for a standard coffee vending machine, and a standard QWERTY keyboard. SCP-XXXX is instructed to recreate SCP-294.
End result: SCP-XXXX created a coffee vending machine identical in appearance to SCP-294. Machine created by SCP-XXXX functioned as a non-anomalous vending machine.

Materials provided: AK 47, three golf balls
End result: SCP-XXXX used the parts of the AK 47 to create a smaller functioning version. SCP-XXXX chewed the golf balls into the shapes of parts of the gun that were to big for use.

Materials provided: One complete set of human bones.
End result: SCP-XXXX recreated the human skeletal system exactly.

Following these tests, SCP-XXXX was placed in its cage alongside a female R. norvegicus, which it mated with. Pregnancy of this female was standard for a healthy member of its species, as was birth. All five pups are currently being monitored for anomalous activities.