Cosmonauts' Playground

On December 23rd, 2017, the invasion of "Gloria", an interdimensional1 union bent on conquering any enemies it comes across, had begun. Gloria is an extremely advanced nation, taking up almost all of their entire planet. They possess technology, both military and civilian, that is much more advanced than anything humanity is currently capable of producing. They have taken and adapted human military technology to fit their own needs on earth, as some of their technology would not cooperate in earths atmosphere.


Those are only the documented technologies we have been able to capture. Other technologies include invisibility modules, teleportation devices, space combat vessels, space combat suits, and the like. The invasion began in southern Ireland.

Irish military personnel proved incapable of stopping the threat. News reports and social media outcry from the inhabitants of the country described "Canine men with skull faces" invading the island, most described to be wearing black combat uniforms similar to what a US Soldier would wear. Irish military personnel had been severely wounded by the enemy's tactics and sheer numbers. Irish soldiers described them as "Coming out of nowhere".

It was not long before the entire island of Ireland had surrendered due to an overwhelming surge of force. Ireland is currently a staging area for Gloria as the war still continues, with few surviving in its pockets of free territory.

The Glorian invasion soon spread to the United Kingdom. This was England's first major call to arms since the second world war. English military personnel backed by Europe stationed US Military personnel had set up artillery support on the coasts of the islands. The beaches were stormed by CH-48's and men in ES2's. The beaches were abandoned due to the thousands of Glorian military personnel invading. All efforts of the US Military and the British Army were unsuccessful. They had been pushed back together by an unstoppable force that could only be described as "Supernatural". However, a Glorian special forces operator had been captured soon after the battle spread to the rest of England.

The Glorian operator provided little to no information about the current situation, who the chancellor was, or what was going on within the world he had come from.

After the incident, the Glorians began closing in even further on the UK, completely surrounding it. All but a small city named Peterborough. American special forces were being armed with recovered ES2's to help buy the United States enough time to find a solution to the sudden advancing Glorian lines. Their efforts were successful, known as Operation Grey Victory, but their success came at the cost of over 1,600 US and British Military personnel. A letter was recovered from an American soldier to his wife. Supposedly, he was captured by Glorian operators and taken prisoner.

Dearest Ella,

I am sorry. This war is driving me mad. I wish I could go to Peterborough, and be safe with you and the kids. But I'm afraid I can't. I have to do this. For my country, for you. To keep you safe. Please get out of this country. Please go to America, be safe. Get away from this mess. I promise I'll survive. I'll do anything to hear your voice again. To feel your touch on my body again. All I want is you to be safe in my arms. We don't know what these things are. Where they came from, what they want. But we know they want to harm us. Please remember everything I taught you about using guns. I know, it was boring. But now, it's necessary. I love you.

Sincerely, your Bear,

It is unknown where said soldier had ended up.