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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The classification SCP-XMXN shall be kept open indefinitely in accordance with Containment Method code 356H "Hypothetical Case"1.

Should the classification SCP-XMXN apply to an SCP object, knowledge of said object would be provided purely on a need to know basis. Access to any SCP object designated SCP-XMXN by D-class personnel would only be granted by relevant level 4 personnel. Any D-class that came into contact with such an SCP would be terminated immediately after any testing that might be performed in accordance with code 356H section 3 paragraph 1.

Any and all known references to an SCP object designated SCP-XMXN whether official or unofficial, verbal or written would be transcribed in accordance with code 356H section 1 paragraph 1 by a relevant member of level 4 personnel. Any personnel reasigned from an SCP object designated SCP-XMXN would be provided with a class C amnestic in accordance with code 356H section 2.

Above all else, no numbers should be used in reference to or to otherwise describe an SCP object designated SCP-XMXN. If a number is used in such a case, a relevant member of level 4 personnel may write a single number in direct reference to any SCP object designated SCP-XMXN at the base of the description on this file unless that number would be less than ten (10) in which case an X should be written in its place. In this case, any testing on such an SCP would end. All data on any SCP related to the designation SCP-XMXN would be classified to level 5 and all level 4 and below personnel with access to such an SCP would be provided with a class F amnestic suite.

Description: If used, the designation SCP-XMXN would be attributed to a small statuette of unidentified origin measured to be approximately 94cm in height and 55cm across at the base. Such a statuette would depict a hunched humanoid of unidentified race or gender crouched with its knees up to its ears with arms of indeterminate number curled between its legs with its hands of indeterminate number clasped together as if holding a small object close to its chest. The face of such a statuette might be contorted into an expression reminiscent of panicked, desperate fear.

Anyone who would directly describe such an object with numbers or use numbers in any way while referring to any SCP object designated SCP-XMXN would be compelled to speak or write numbers in descending order from the last number spoken in this way. Even if the speaker might clearly know the number they would use to describe such an SCP, they will always say the next number in sequence regardless of logical sense. This would make counting the indeterminate limbs of such a statuette impossible as all counters, even if they remained silent while counting, would inevitably declare that the number of countable limbs would be the next number in the sequence regardless. It might be theorized (in such a case) that the actual number of limbs corresponds to the last number in the sequence with arms disappearing as numbers within the sequence are spoken. This would have yet to be proven. Measuring an SCP object designated SCP-XMXN would be possible through the use of automated tools, though the apparent proportions of such an SCP object would not seem to match the recorded values. Silent use of analog measuring tools in such a case would confirm the electronic measurements, but all personnel involved would report that it would "feel wrong".

With each number that a human subject would speak in this sequence, the more distressed they would appear to become. At five (5) numbers in a sequence, a subject might find themselves compulsively avoiding the use of numbers even in unrelated situations. At eight (8) or more numbers, subjects might show signs of general stress and theoretically would actively attempt to hide such a statuette in areas such as behind desks or in the back corners of storage areas. Subjects who would have theoretically gone further in this sequence would exhibit significant signs of paranoia, repeatedly changing an SCP object designated SCP-XMXN's given hiding place. If one was to interrogate subjects on this behavior, they would consistently reply that they had no particular reason for wanting to do this reporting that they simply felt that something terrible was going to happen. Administration of amnestics would seem to temporarily lessen this effect, but a complete cure has yet to be found.

Any SCP object designated SCP-XMXN would have been discovered in an antique store in ██████ █████, Colorado, USA. The Foundation would have discovered such an establishment in the event that the owner, one ██████ █████, would be reported to be exhibiting strange behavior such as refusal to return change, calculate price totals, or permit the spoken use of numbers within his establishment. When a Mr. █████ would have been apprehend by mental institution employees, he might have expressed a fervent, manic desire to return to his store even to the point of injuring himself, asking "What would we do if someone were to find it!" repeatedly. In accordance with code 356H section 3 paragraph 2, Mr ██████ █████ would have been terminated after extensive interrogation on authority of Dr. ██████ level 4 as he would have potentially been a direct threat to containment.

It has been proven that the effects of any SCP object designated SCP-XMXN would not manifest if such an SCP were to be referred to indirectly such as in the case of code 356H.

The current number in the sequence is: 31