Title: Fog between Worlds



SCP-XXXX at time of discovery

Object class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment procedures:

A 100-meter (300 ft) safe-zone is to be observed around the perimeter of SCP-XXXX. A 10-kilometer (3.1 mi) exclusion radius has been created surrounding the site the site. Barbed-wire fences and clearly marked signs have proved sufficient to keep out unauthorized civilians. No personnel are allowed within the safe zone unless cleared by a level-3 staff member on site. If entering the zone, members must be equipped with at least two (2) halogen flashlights, ten (10) chemical glow sticks, and a powered LED bandoleer.

Food, medical supplies, fuel and other essentials are delivered to site XXXX-B every week by way of three modified M939 heavy trucks, outfitted to shine lights of at least 10,000 lux in all directions. If personnel assigned to these vehicles discover a gap in the protection after entering the radius of SCP-XXXX, they are to notify the convoy leader and fill the gap with light from their personal flashlights until they arrive at site XXXX-B.

If anyone within SCP-XXXX's range of effect encounters SCP-XXXX-1 instances, they are not to engage unless threatened.

Maintenance personnel are to check and replace all lights at site XXXX-B twice weekly. Failure to report broken lights or replace them on time will be met with strict reprimands and possible termination. If any perimeter lights are found to be non-functional, security teams will be notified and put on high alert until the light is repaired.

Addendum: Following event seriouslywhatthefuckwasthat (change name to something sciency later), convoys in and out of SCP-XXXX will be escorted by two MRAP armored vehicles, modified similarly to the 939s.


SCP-XXXX is a solid mass of fog, located in northern ██████, Canada. It was discovered by foundation operatives embedded in the local forestry service after hikers reported unusual weather patterns. The 5-kilometer safe zone was established under the cover story of an uncleared WWII-era minefield.

The area of effect encompasses a wide region, stopping abruptly ten kilometers from the epicenter. The near-perfect square and clean borders suggest that the phenomenon is man-made.

The fog is comprised of common water vapor, various aluminosilicates and [REDACTED]. This creates substantial interference, both to visible and electronic surveillance. This interference-and hostility from SCP-XXXX-1-means that much of the area covered by SCP-XXXX is uncharted. Efforts to secure additional armored scout vehicles to perform more comprehensive explorations of the area are underway.

SCP-XXXX-1 are small, emaciated humanoids. Most appear to have black, monotoned skin, though differing shades of grey have been seen. Instances are not immediately hostile, and prefer to follow their targets from beyond the range of their lights. If any member of SCP-XXXX-1 is seen, they enter a hostile state and swarm the target, attacking with natural claws and a poison secreted from their mouths.

This poison does not match any known terrestrial toxin, and causes severe pain, loss of motor control, and rapid, violent [REDACTED] in subjects. Visibility issues when engaging SCP-XXXX-1 inside the fog, and post-traumatic memory loss suffered by survivors of close-encounters has left our understanding of SCP-XXXX-1's behaviour outside of combat severely lacking.

On 10/13/20██ Foundation research teams entered the fog to determine its source. Approximately 500 meters into the anomaly, communication was lost with the teams. Immediately afterwards, members of the initial expedition still at Temporary Base XXXX (What would later become site XXXX-A) reported hearing gunfire from inside the area of effect. Before the nearest MTF could be mobilized to assist, all gunfire ceased.

Three of the original five teams emerged from the fog approximately four minutes later. Of the eighteen survivors, twelve had sustained non-critical wounds, and three were in a near-comatose state due to loss of blood and physical trauma. The debriefing of Sgt. █████ was conducted after a medical checkup and psychiatric evaluation.

Following the first expedition into SCP-XXXX, site XXXX-A was created, and the exclusion zone fence erected around the area of effect. It was determined through testing that a concentrated light source above 10,000 lux is sufficient to clear away the fog. Further expeditions have since shown that instances of SCP-XXXX-1 will not willingly enter into a light source of this magnitude.

After four successful attempts to enter and exit SCP-XXXX safely, a larger team consisting of MTF Foxtrot-Velvet ("The Baskervilles") and MTF Tango-Satin ("Glory Hounds") was assembled and penetrated into what is thought to be the center of the phenomenon. One kilometer from the center, the expedition team discovered a large stone wall, suffering from the effects of extended disrepair in a cold, wet environment.

Inside the wall is a mid-20th century scientific complex (Now site XXXX-B), with a rusted sign denoting it as the "█████████ society northern outpost." Attempts to determine the origin of the █████████ Society or whether they still active are ongoing.

Efforts to restore the facility and determine what the society were studying was completed within two weeks. Currently there are twenty research personnel on-site, as well as fifteen security staff. MTF Theta-2 "The Baskervilles" has been tasked to the site as-needed, operating out of █████████ Air force base.

Addendum: Following Event seriouslywhatthefuckwasthat, MTF - Foxtrot Velvet has been tasked to site XXXX-A indefinitely.

SCP-XXXX-2 is a large, complex machine located deep within Site XXXX-B. From what on-site researchers have been able to determine, it is the source of SCP-XXXX. What or whom created SCP-XXXX-1 has yet to be determined, as is their purpose.

Addendum: Following event ohgodwhy, any further research into how SCP-XXXX-2 functions is to be halted indefinitely.

The following is a transcript of documents found in an office complex within site XXXX-B:

Shortly after the establishing of site XXXX-B, a secret, heavily-fortified door was discovered in the same room as SCP-XXXX-2. Inside was a series of laboratories, along with several devices of an unknown nature (hereby designates SCP-XXXX-3-43). The most complex of the devices, believed to be the final prototype mentioned in the notes, was housed in the largest of the labs. The walls, floor and ceiling were covered in a dried black material. Tests have shown it is similar to samples of blood recovered from weapons used on SCP-XXXX-1.