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SCP-XXXX Prior to Containment

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the inability of safe removal, SCP-xxxx is to be kept contained under a dome of solid concrete and capped with steel to prevent weathering. Remote monitoring is sufficient, due to the non-expansive nature of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-xxxx is section of pedestrian sidewalk pavement in the abandoned town of ██████, in ██████, USA. The area of effect is irregular, with a maximum width of 1.5 meters and length of 4.2 meters.

The effect was first discovered on 03/05/████, when a group of three civilians were travelling through the abandoned town, and subject SCP-xxxx-CA1 stepped on a crack in the pavement within the effected zone. SCP-xxxx-CA2 reported that the result was a loud shearing sound and SCP-xxxx-CA1 immediately crumpled over. Autopsy showed that the subject had received 38 compound fractures: 3 right tibia, 2 left tibia, 6 right femur, 3 left femur, 4 right pelvis, 5 verbatrae, 7 ribs, 2 right humerus, and 6 cranial. Death was not instantaneous, but due to either excessive blood loss or brain hemmhoraging. SCP-xxxx-CA2 and SCP-xxxx-CA3 were given amnesiacs and SCP-xxxx-CA1 reported as a missing person.

Test Log:

SCP-XXXX-T1: Test subject SCP-XXXX-D1 was directed to place the tip of his right index finger over a crack within the perceived effect zone. Result was 4 broken fingers, fractured wrist, and a hairline fracture in the humerus.

SCP-XXXX-T2: A single white lab mouse was released near the estimated southern edge of the zone. When crossing the first fissure encountered, the mouse exploded, with the upper half of the body projected to the west and the lower half to the east. Bone fragments were ejected in a 360 radius. Dr. ██████ received minor injuries from mouse rib cage pieces that became lodged in his face and chest. All further testing to be observed from behind blast shield.

SCP-XXXX-T3 through T10: Seven more lab mice were used to map the remainder of the zone. Attempts were made to determine the minimum fissure size that will trigger the effect using high-speed cameras. Nearest approximation is 1cm width.

SCP-XXXX-T11: Subject SCP-XXXX-D2 was directed to jump across the narrow cross-section of the zone. No affect. There appears to be no extension of the anomaly above ground level.

SCP-XXXX-T12: An average fresh orange was rolled into the area. It exploded with a force equivalent to a type MK3 concussion grenade. Three researchers were deafened and two temporarily stunned. Hearing protection required for all personnel in the future.

SCP-XXXX-T13: To more accurately map the borders of the region, approximately 2 cups of common sand were dispersed over the ground via remote robot. 2 researchers standing 20yds away were permanently blinded by the sand ejecta. All behind the blast shields unharmed.

Result summary: Each subsequent test appears to be increasing the observed energy expenditure. Testing suspended and review of containment options undergone.

Addendum: An attempt was made to relocate the section of pavement to a secure facility. The surrounding safe zone was excavated with heavy equipment, and preparation made to dig underneath and build a support structure for moving. During the removal of soil underneath the zone, the machine touched a part of the pavement and exploded. 13 researchers and 5 D subjects were killed immediately by either blast overpressure or metallic debris from the destroyed digger. 8 more died later from related injuries.

All testing is to be terminated immediately, and no resumption to be performed without unanimous approval of O5. The anomaly is to be contained as designated and no personnel may approach within 50 meters without prior approval.