The Speaking Skull
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in an average combination lock storage safe, which is to be checked once a week by janitorial staff with a level 1 security clearance to prevent it from collecting dust. The safe is to be kept in a room with a table, approximately 2ft W x 4ft L, as well as a timer. The room is to be guarded by two on-site security officers to ensure the SCP is not taken from the room. Only personnel with Level 2 security clearance are allowed to access SCP-XXXX

Description: SCP-XXXX is an adult human skull coated with a thick black substance of unknown origin, most closely resembling candle wax. A small red cross has been painted on the forehead with human blood. The lower jaw has been attached to the skull by two threads of twine fitted through carved holes in each side of the mandible. Emerging from the top of the skull is a string composed of cotton, closely resembling a candle wick. Within the eye sockets of the skull are two (2) small rubies fixed to the back of each socket. Within the mouth of the skull is a preserved human tongue, most likely belonging to a child due to the small size of it compared to the rest of the skull.

Upon placing a piece of paper containing the name, birthdate, and death date of a deceased person into the mouth of SCP-XXXX, then lighting the wick, the SCP will shake for approximately six seconds, then will begin speaking in the voice of the deceased person labeled on the paper. Note that the mouth of the SCP will not move while talking, nor will the wick on the skull shrink while it is burning. So long as the wick is burning, the SCP will continue speaking in the dead person’s voice. The voice will have the memories, personality, and mannerisms of the deceased, including knowledge that they are deceased and of how they died. The voice seems able to show emotion, and have been observed showing signs of fear, sadness, joy, anger, etc. One trait observed throughout every voice so far is that they either outright refuse or claim to be unable to explain what the afterlife is like, and will try and avert the subject as much as possible.

Subjects conversing with the SCP will slowly but surely begin to feel weaker, no matter how healthy they may be at the beginning of the conversation. After approximately two (2) hours of talking to SCP-XXXX, the subject will lose all consciousness and will experience cardiac arrest, most often resulting in their deaths. Upon the subject losing consciousness, the wick will extinguish on its own, and the SCP will cease speaking. It seems that as a price to pay for its services, the SCP slowly drains the life force of the user. During the process of the subject’s life draining, the voice will seem unaware of why the subject seems weaker. Note that SCP-XXXX does not seem able to drain the life force of any personnel in the room who are not directly speaking to the SCP. It has been observed that if multiple people are present talking to SCP-XXXX, the rate of life force draining decreases, on an average of two (2) more hours per person.

SCP-XXXX Was obtained on ██/██/████ during a raid on cult activities located in a convenience store basement in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Before the raid, the cult members burned every paper and book they had that could give the Foundation any information regarding their beliefs and their actions. They each then committed suicide by [DATA EXPUNGED].