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I remember when gaming used to be casual. Welcoming, even. But it seems that those times are simply a far cry to what the gaming landscape has morphed into today.

2014 is when I got into games like Call of Duty and CS:GO. I used to play on multiplayer, just hanging out with the people of the online world. All of it was casual. No competitors, no bullies, just people playing a video game together. Sure, there were trolls sometimes, and maybe one or two people who took the game too seriously sometimes, but they never bothered us.

But that all changed in 2015. I slowly grew more competitive as time went on, almost craving for victory every second of the day. I barely went outside most of the time. And it didn't help that I had recently moved out of my parent's home, as then I could choose what I could do with my time. I developed an addiction to gaming. Every time I lost a match, it felt like an anvil dropped within my stomach. It felt like my hips and chest ached like I was having a heart attack. It scares me how much I cared about winning those days.

But that all changed. Sure, it was good for me later on, but only for me. It's really hard to explain.

I had recently logged onto COD 4 with hopes of kicking some ass. There were five people online, just enough to start.

"Who's this kid?" one of them asked. He was named "arpeggi1924". By the sound of his voice, he didn't like newcomers, something I had grown used to.

"I am who I am. Who are you?" I shot back, mockingly. I was rather feckless that day. Two other people chuckled in the background. A smirk spread across my face.

"Ha, ha. Don't get sassy with me, kid."

"Or what?"

"Or I'll fucking— whatever," Arpeggi tripped over his words. Everyone laughed.

"Wait 'till the round starts before you get triggered, Mike," another, younger soul spat out. He was named "WeirdFish_XX".

its a story about a challenge that requires people to team up online and pick a random person. they will do everything they can to drive that person to suicide. they will get money for each "marking" aka person who they caused to kill themselves. its called the "chain challenge" because it usually triggers chain reactions due to the impact of said suicide.