Item #: SCP-1234

Object Class: Euclid (Comatose Sate), Keter (Hive State)

SCP-1234 must be contained in a 2 m3 bulletproof glass casing. All personnel are to not engage in prolong periods of eye contact as this will antagonize SCP-1234 out of its dormant state. Additional procedures from Files CRT304 and CRT305 cover scenarios in which SCP-1234 is in its dangerous hive state. All personnel are to be armed for their safety.

Creature of unknown origin. SCP-1234 was found in the corpse of its host in Sudak Bay near Russia. SCP-1234 is a leech-like creature that has a thin outer membrane that has properties similar to Kevlar. Contrasting to its epidermic attributes, SCP-1234 can and will move and change shape ranging from .25 m to 3 m. If not stimulated, SCP-1234 will go into a comatose state. The only way to break it from this state is to move the cage violently or to look into its eyes. Either of these two methods will cause SCP-1234 to go into a hive state. If there is a containment breach SCP-1234 will find the nearest human and burrow inside their brain. The host now becomes SCP-1234-1. SCP-1234-1 will experience severe headaches, hallucinations, schizophrenia, and insomnia. After a few days SCP-1234-1 will have 100% brain capabilities including telepathy, telekinesis and even levitation. But through this SCP-1234 takes full control of SCP-1234-1. After several days of SCP-1234 being in control of its host the body will go under rapid implosion in [ DATA EXPUNGED ] seconds to the point where SCP-1234-1 will be invisible to the naked eye. It is an extremely painful process and should be avoided as the implosion will leave spores in the air for SCP-1234 to reproduce.