CrescentMage Draft

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An area of 25 kilometers in all lateral directions of the entity is established. This area is a designated no-fly zone for commercial aircraft, and any unauthorized personnel, watercraft, or aircraft which may enter the restricted area are to be tracked and apprehended. Authorized vessels are to stay within at least 1 kilometer of the entity's exclusion zone, providing additional personnel and security, as well as overseeing any experimentation which may take place.

All subject personnel used for experimentation, whom are intended to be extracted, are to wear a harness with a safety line attached, connected to a reel aboard a vessel residing outside of the exclusion zone.

If the entity shows any signs of horizontal movement, report immediately to nearest level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX, located at 48°52.6′S ██████.█W, is a large, black cube with a white glow emanating from within. It is approximately 28.65 meters in length and width, hovering 15 meters above the ocean surface. The entity is in a fixed position, only noted to rise and fall as large waves pass beneath it. The entity has a spherical exclusion zone, reaching, at its radius, a distance of 12 meters. Personnel are not to enter the entity's exclusion zone, as it has been observed to cause major disorientation.

Subject personnel which have been successfully extracted from the entity's exclusion zone have, on occasion, returned with total blindness, and report that the area within the exclusion zone is completely dark, with a total lack of ambient sound. Subjects which have been extracted report seeing a humanoid figure, designated SCP-XXXX-1, presumably standing beneath the entity. Subjects which have successfully passed beneath the entity have been observed to disappear within its shadow. Because of this, all personnel are advised to remain outside of the entity's shadow, which extends beyond the exclusion zone as the sun moves across the sky. All sea life which pass within the entity's shadow, or below the entity itself, have been observed to disappear in a similar manner to the aforementioned subjects.

Currently the only known method of approaching the entity safely is during the night when the moon is obscured, or with the use of air-based remotely controlled vehicles. The entity does not obscure or distort radio or video apparatus within the exclusion zone, allowing for close observation of the entity itself, which is composed of a glass-like material. Unlike human subjects, remotely controlled vehicles passing within the entity's shadow do not vanish or lose radio contact, and are unable to see SCP-XXXX-1.

SCP-XXXX-1 is described by subject personnel as appearing humanoid, residing directly below SCP-XXXX. It is described as being completely black, and of average human height. Its face appears obscured, with no notable facial features except a pulsing white glow emanating from within its head. Subject personnel claim that the humanoid entity speaks to them in an incoherent language that can be clearly understood by the personnel. The humanoid entity appears to give subjects an overwhelming urge to approach it.

Appendum: It is unknown what is contained within SCP-XXXX, as attempts to access its interior have proven unsuccessful. All radio contact with subjects is lost upon their disappearance beneath the entity. It is currently unknown where the subjects are taken, or if they survive upon entry.