Item #: SCP-3450

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3450 is to be contained in a standard containment chamber. SCP-3450 must be provided with all the necessary elements for a healthy human development such as food, exercise and entertainment. However, SCP-3450 must not interact with personnel under any circumstances unless authorized. When entering the enclosure, personnel must be rude to SCP-3450 to avoid any incidents.

Description: SCP-3450 is a seemingly normal seven-year-old caucasian human female who possesses the ability to turn human beings into small wooden replicas of themselves. The process through which the transformation happens has never been observed and is not fully understood. However, through interviews it has been determined that SCP-3450 can perform these transformations at will on any human being she chooses.

The origin of SCP-3450’s abilities remain mostly a mystery to the foundation, nonetheless a yet unknown entity mentioned by SCP-3450 appears to be the source (Refered as "The Dark Man" by SCP-3450). No way of reverting the transformation has been found, when asked, SCP-3450 says that she doesn't know of a way of transforming the figures back into humans and has also expresed she is against the idea.

When asked about the entity, SCP-3450 expressed she was first approached by it while playing outisde her house and offered to "make her grandmother live forever" if SCP-3450 let them inside her house. SCP-3450 has also stated that the entity hasn't talked to her since she was taken by the foundation but in occasions it can be seen standing outisde her contaiments's window. The foundation has extensively searched its installations and the area surrounding them but no trace of the entity has been found.

SCP-3450 was found alone in her old residence by police officers investigating a series of disappearances linked to the house. The foundation intervened when four of the officers inviolved in the case were rported missing. SCP-3450 was recovered from a hospital as she was found talking to the figures and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Initial interview with SCP-3450 by Dr. Gavin Tanner.

Dr. Tanner: Well hello, nice to meet you, my name is Dr. Tanner and i'll be asking you some questions if you don't mind.

SCP-3450: Nice to meet you too Dr. Tanner, am i in trouble?

Dr. Tanner: Np don't worry about it, now to start please tell me your name.

SCP-3450: Amy, Amy Harrison. I like you Dr. Tanner.

Dr. Tanner: Why thank you Amy.Would you tell me about those toyr you're holding? Why didn't you want to give them to secutity?

SCP-3450: They're not toys! It's mom and dad, and grandma and uncle Pete and Mr. Parker and…

Dr. Tanner: Wait… you're telling me those are people?

SCP-3450: Yep.

Dr. Tanner: WHat happened to them?

SCP-3450: Don't worry, this way they'll live forever.

Dr. Tanner: Live forever?

SCP-3450: Yes, grandma was really sick and mom told me she was going to heaven, but i didn't want her to go. I was really sad until i met the dark man.

Dr. Tanner: The dark man? Who is he?

SCP-3450: My friend, he told me that he could make her live forever. Then i got scared, what if something happened to daddy, so i told him to make him live forever too and then mommy.

Dr. Tanner: You transformed them all?!

SCP-3450: Yep, i want to make sure everyone i like lives foever, i don't want them to die. At first moomy didn't like it, she said she wanted to get out but i told her it was for her own good, just like when she made me eat vegetables.

Dr. Tanner: People you like?… Amy, i don't like you!…

SCP-3450: What? Why?

Dr. Tanner: Because you're a rude brat! Guard get her off my sight right now!

SCP-3450: Why are you yelling to me?!

(Guards take SCP-3450 out of the room)


Dr. Tanner's personal log.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about SCP-3450. I seem to have avoided the transformation, but i hate that i had to yell at her…That poor kid, she has been isolated in her cell for a week now, everyone who enters her contaiment has been rude to her, they don't want to become the next victim of course. I'm worried of the consequences this continuous mental abuse could have on her developing mind and it's either that or total isolation and i don't know what's worse. We need to find the dark man at any cost."