Crisis On Infinite Brights

Crisis on Infinite Brights. Have a 'base canon' Bright have to go and team up with every version of Bright from every separate story he's appeared in on the wiki up to the time of writing. All against The Author, in an effort to finally die. It won't be "A FINAL CANON", but instead a tale series about all1 the versions of the author avatar who's blessed/cursed with the most varied array of fan interpretations of them all.

It should be a multi page story, with a beginning, middle, and end. I'd like it to focus on the most influential and well known Brights, with the ur-Bright, the core conceptual Bright from the 'main canon', what he would be like if the site was a single canon, as the 'main character' that it begins with. Other Brights would obviously include the List Of Things Bright and the We're Off To Be The Lizard Bright, possibly with the AD RP Bright woven in as well.

Of course, we would love the involvement of DrBright the admin/author, if he has time and inclination.

This will take tons of planning (probably at least as much as a thing from last year's Canon Contest did) but I think it could be incredible.

IF you're even mildly interested, even just to brainstorm or review, please put your name down.


  • Dexanote
  • djkaktus
  • Eskobar
  • Bright (maybe)
  • Bryx