Object number: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The six known instances of SCP-xxxx are to be kept in a standard object containment locker. The only time the locker is to be opened is for pre-approved testing, which must be done by a group of at least three researchers. Researchers should be equipped with adequate sedatives to subdue themselves and all test subjects if necessary.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a set of six jars of paint. Each jar, designated SCP-xxxx-A through SCP-xxxx-F, contains a different color of paint. SCP-xxxx has similar properties to and can be used in the same way as normal paint. However, proximity and contact with SCP-xxxx induce drastic emotional changes. These effects do not manifest when the paint remains within the jar, only manifesting when it is transferred onto any surface.

Test log (tests took place in 6 different standard observation rooms, the walls of which had been painted with a different instance of SCP-xxxx):

Instance/Color Observations
SCP-xxxx-A: Red As time progressed, D-1339 became increasingly angry without apparent cause. After 7 minutes, D-1339 viciously assaulted the walls of the room, causing multiple fractures in his left hand. After 19 minutes, D-1339 attacked and destroyed the observational two-way mirror, causing himself serious injury in the process. D-1339 inflicted a broken nose and fractured wrist on Dr. ████ and multiple broken bones on Dr. ████ before being sedated. Testing with a 3x3x3 inch metal cube coated in SCP-xxxx-A given to D-class yielded similar results.
SCP-xxxx-B: Blue As time progressed, D-1795 exhibited increased symptoms of depression. After 4 minutes, D-1795 began to shed tears. After 12 minutes, D-1795 began crying audibly. After 26 minutes, D-1795 began sobbing violently. After 68 minutes, D-1795 tore a strip of cloth from his jumpsuit and attempted self-strangulation with it, at which point the test was terminated. When questioned afterward, D-1795 was able to give no explanation for what he described as "unbearable sadness." Testing with a cube coated in SCP-xxxx-B given to D-class yielded similar results.
SCP-xxxx-C: Yellow As time progressed, D-6412 became increasingly euphoric. After 3 minutes, D-6412 began to smile broadly, a facial expression which persisted for the remainder of the test. During the test, D-6412 reported feeling "so, incredibly happy." Post-test MRI scan revealed extreme activity in the brain's pleasure centers, and blood tests reported unnaturally high levels of dopamine. 3 days after the test, D-6412 escaped containment at 3:25 am and attempted to break back into the room painted with SCP-xxxx-C, but was terminated by guards. Testing with a cube coated in SCP-xxxx-C given to D-class yielded similar results. After the test was terminated, D-9057 attempted to smuggle the cube back to her cell.
SCP-xxxx-D: Green D-3866 remained in the room for 5 hours and 31 minutes, but no anomalous behavior was evident. However, when Dr. ████ entered the room to speak with D-3866, D-3866 tackled Dr. ████ to the floor and grabbed his clipboard, notes, pencil, eyeglasses, ID badge, pocket watch, and coat before retreating to a corner and placing the items on the floor. When questioned afterward, D-3866 claimed he "just wanted the stuff." Testing with an object coated with SCP-xxxx-D yielded different results. D-7341 was given a 3x3x3 inch metal cube painted with SCP-xxxx-D. No anomalous behavior was observed for 6 hours, at which point the test was terminated. When two researchers entered the room, however, they charged at D-7341 and each attempted to take the cube for themselves. D-7341 fought to keep it. Dr. ████ suffered a fractured rib in the scuffle. When questioned afterwards, the memories of all three involved were hazy and fragmented.
SCP-xxxx-E: Black D-5962 exhibited little activity. After 7 minutes, D-5962 sat down on the floor, yawning. After 9 minutes, D-5962 lay on his back, breathing deeply. After 14 minutes, D-5962 entered REM sleep. After 47 minutes, D-5962 entered a comatose state, at which point Foundation personnel terminated the test. D-5962 was removed from the room, and regained consciousness approximately 3 days later. Testing with an object coated in SCP-xxxx-E given to D-class yielded similar results.
SCP-xxxx-F: White As time progressed, D-8481 became extremely hyperactive. After 8 minutes, D-8481 became frenzied and demanded an activity. She was provided with a number of diversions. D-8481 proceeded to solve 12 puzzle cubes in 3 minutes, and 9 14x14 inch jigsaw puzzles in 10 minutes. Having exhausted her activities, D-8481 walked around the perimeter of the room at above-average speed for 42 minutes before the test was terminated. Post-test blood tests revealed abnormally high amounts of adrenaline. Testing with an object coated in SCP-xxxx-C given to D-class yielded similar results.