Crowzur's SCP

SCP-3091 (working number)
Class: Keter



Containment Procedures: SCP-3091 is to be enclosed within an 12m x 12m steel room, with all surfaces at a minimum of 40cm thick. All exposed surfaces are to be made of a rust-proof steel alloy. Air is to be filtered once every 12 hours, and only when subject is entirely solid. Researchers may only observe subject through cameras placed within the cell. Due to the danger of SCP-3091 changing form and breaching containment, room is to be chilled to -61oC when feeding and when air is being filtered. A second, identically constructed cell is to be placed on standby for subject to be transferred to, in the event of camera failure or a crack appearing in the original cell. Transfer and repair procedures are to be commenced as soon as they are reported.
There is to be no human-SCP contact during except during testing. Breaching this infers penalties up to and including termination1. Sustenance is to be administered through a tube, heated to outside room temperature to prevent freezing, into the subject’s bowl. Subject is to be given three (3) litres of pure water, with proteins, vitamins mixed in. Once food is administered, temperature is to be changed back to a standard 24oC. Subject may refuse to eat for several hours. In the event of an escape, site wide lock-down is to be put initiated. Attacking the subject yields little success, and the only know method of re-containment to lure it back to its original cell with a human male between the ages of 19 and 26 suffering under extreme stress. Assuming the room is sealed off completely, including feeding tube and air filter, subject is allowed to freely roam its cell.

SCP-3091, who, after Video Log 3091-A only answers to “Bleddyn”, was recovered from ████, Poland after several folklore tales and suspicious deaths prompted the Foundation to instigate a cursory investigation. Agent Tenant recovered it from the forests and arranged it’s transportation to Site ██. Agent Tenant and many of those involved in the transportation process died within the following weeks. The notable exception was [DATA EXPUNGED]. Research is ongoing as to why they were unaffected.

SCP-3091 is a partially intangible, large canine, measuring 120cm from snout to tail. Its body structure is similar to the Australian Kelpie, with pointed ears and a sloping back. It does not, however, have the familiar patterns like the Kelpie, and is an entirely solid colour. Its fur changes colour throughout the year. From early January to mid-March, it is a darkgreen. Mid-March to late June it is a stark black. From July to early September the fur turns maroon with flecks of blue. From Early-September to the end of the year it turns into a dark golden-brown. Any attempt to collect physical samples of the subject have met with failure, as the subjectwill turn into its intangible form upon sensing danger. Attempts to drug, paralyze, or otherwise sedate the subject have also failed. Subject has the ability to transform into a thick fog, made of an unknown composition. It ranges from an almost transparent mist to thick, dark, storm-like clouds. Subject cannot successfully morph itself in sub-zero temperatures. It has been observed to do so with its entire bodies, as well as various parts of itself. Due to this nature, subject is almost impossible to restrain by standard means. When changing its entire body, it moves as one continues cloud or fog. However, if only a part of the subject transforms, it often separates from the host, returning from anywhere between a space of a few seconds, and up to several weeks. Interior of subject shows no bones, muscle, or organs to speak of when separated, instead having a black mist that appears to 'bleed'. The separated part will always leave a black section regardless of fur color or time of year. Tests have been attempted to permanently separate a part by sealing it in a separate room, however subject has some anticipation of these tests. The day before the tests are to be held, and several hours after, the subject does not transform any part of itself. It is unknown how it knows when these tests are to be performed, as it has been observed to 'shut down' activity before researchers themselves consider performing an experiment.
Most disturbing of SCP-3091’s abilities is its killing power. Any human it comes into close proximity with, estimated to be somewhere within 10m, dies within the following months. Causes of death are not common, and thus are difficult to track. Victims can die from freak accidents, suicide, cancers, virulent diseases, murder, ████ and termination. Animals and plants seem to be unaffected, though a cat exposed to the subject was run over the following week. As no other animal suffered consequence, this is presumed to be a coincidence. It is believed that some European folklore of a ‘Hellhound’ that is an omen of death can be attributed to the subject. The extent of the subject's carnage before being captured in unknown. When asked about his age and previous killings after extraction, subject says he himself is not sure. The subject seems to enjoy this killing, saying it passes time until ‘The Green Evening’. Subject refuses to speak of the nature of ‘The Green Evening’, giving very vague answers.
Subject has displayed signs of sentience. Subject prefers to be called Bleddyn, but shows no apparent aggression at being called otherwise. A connection to the name Bleddyn and the folklore regarding the Hellhound is currently being examined, and is believed to have Welsh origins. Subject is aware of its confinement and for two to three hours a day will attempt to find holes and cracks to go through. Subject has communicated to staff, and most often with Dr ████. How it produces auditory speaking is unknown, as subject’s mouth does not open unless feeding, or occasionally yawning. Details of speech can be found in Video Logs 3091-A, 3091-B, 3091-C and 3091-D. Subject has a yearn to escape, although after second Escape Incident, seems somewhat placated. Dr ████ suspects this is a ruse however, and does not believe subject will ever be sated.

Video Logs:
Video Log 3091-A

Recorded three weeks after first arrival. Subject had previously made no communication with researchers

Subject suddenly sits up and faces a wall. Words come in a constant stream of various languages. Between each sentence, subject pauses for a moment, and changes language. These have been identified as Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Welsh, Jassic, and one unknown language. After 32 seconds, subject speaks in English.
3091: Do you understand me?
Dr ████: Sorry?
3091: Do you understand me?
Dr ████: Oh, yes, yes I do.
3091: Good. Where am I?
Dr ████: I cannot tell you that.
3091: Why not?
Dr ████: I cannot tell you that either.
3091 begins to roam the room, before setting eyes on Camera C, and placing itself in front of it.
Dr ████: Do you have a name?
3091: What am I currently called here?
Dr ████: Currently you are designated SCP-3091.
3091: Then that is what my name is.
There is a pause of 9 seconds.
Dr ████: Did you have a previous name?
3091: Do you care, Doctor?
Note that Dr ████ had not identified himself as a doctor
Dr ████: I do. If you had a previous name, please say it.
3091: Bleddyn. I prefer it however.
3091 then morphs itself into mist and floats around for several hours.
End Log

Video Log 3091-B

Recorded 18 minutes after return from Escape Incident 2
Dr ████: SCP-3091?
Subject snorts in disregard.
Dr ████: …Bleddyn?
3091: Yes?
Dr ████: Why do you try to escape?
3091: It’s not of my nature to recluse. I should always be wandering, bringing an end to people.
Dr ████: Do you have specific targets?
3091: Rarely.
Dr ████: Do you enjoy killing?
3091: I don’t kill because I have to, Doctor.
Dr ████: …Is that a yes?
3091: Maybe. Maybe not.
There is a lapse, during which Dr looks over his notes to find something to discuss, before being interrupted by SCP-3091.
3091: Why do you make it so frigidly cold before you give me water?
Dr ████: For everyone’s safety.
3091: I have braved cold before, but not like this.
SCP-3091 wanders around his cell before sleeping.
End Log

Video Log 3091-C

Dr ████: Bleddyn?
3091: What? (Subject seems agitated.)
Dr ████: We wish to ask you something.
3091 nods.
Dr ████: We did some research. We want to ask you some things.
3091: You mean interrogate.
Dr ████: Hopefully not. Anyway, we found several references in Europe to a folk creature with names such as ‘Hellhound’, ‘Black Shuck’, ‘Dip’, ‘Cŵn Annwn’ and ‘Church Grim’ among others. Do you have any relation to these?
There is a two minute pause, during which 3091 appears to be in a deep thought. Subject appears to smile2, before he speaks, while staring at the ceiling.
3091: It doesn’t matter. I’ll be seeing you at the Green Evening anyway.
Dr ████: ‘The Green Evening’? Could you elaborate on what that is?
3091: The opening and the close.
Subject turns his attention to the camera, and glares maliciously. It is unclear if he was directing his gaze at Dr ████ or Senior Assistant ████, or both.
End Log

Video Log 3091-D

Subject is observed to be scratching at the floor. This behavior was unprecedented by the subject. Subject stopped after a few moments and lay down. Dr ████ questioned the subject.
Dr ████: Bleddyn, what you were doing?
3091: Digging
Dr ████: And why did you stop?
3091: Your floors are steel, I cannot break it.
subject falls asleep//
Dr ████ realized that for the first time, instead of turning part of its body to mist, the subject had instead solidified part of itself, namely its paws and claws. Previously, subject had walked around cell in silence, but there is now an audible sound as it walks. It is currently unknown as to why subject has started doing so, if it is voluntary, permanent, or if subject itself is aware of it.

Attachment A: Escape Incidents

The first escape was on the day SCP-3091 arrived tad resulted in ██ casualties of D-Level staff and █ B-Level staff, between one and eight months later, before being lured back by D-2819l. Subject escaped after the first and only time the door was opened at room temperature to bring it its first meal. Note, all human-SCP-3091 tests have from then on been performed in sub-zero environments, so as to prevent escapes. Dr ███ has requested to perform tests in normal temperatures. Due to the risk involved, these requests have been denied. They will continue to be denied until a suitable, safe solution can be reached.
The second, and latest escape resulted in ███D-Level casualties, █C-Level, ██B-Level, and █A-level casualties between four days to six months later. Subject escaped through a crack in the East wall formed by SCP-████ creating tremors. It is unknown if SCP-3091 and SCP-████ have a correlation.

Attachment B: Reported encounter
Recently, Senior Assistant ███ reported an indirect encounter between herself and 3091. The following is pure testimony, as recordings of the situation have apparently vanished or been deleted by either Senior Assistant ███ or possibly by SCP-3091. While monitoring SCP-3091 alone on Dec. 3rd, SCP-3091, while in a all mist state, materialized its head and looking through Camera B at Senior Assistant ███. Subject stared at Miss ███ for roughly 40 seconds, unblinkingly. 3091 gave a ‘sickening, unnatural smile’ before letting out a sort of chortle as Miss ███ screamed. During this process, Miss ███ says she felt tremendous unease, terror and nausea, while suffering under apparent paralysis before finally screaming and running from the room for Dr ███. Upon his return, the subject was sleeping. It was discovered that during all of this, the ventilation tube had been left open from the previous air filtration (This resulting in Technician ███ receiving heavy penalties). Why the subject did not escape during this is unclear. Miss ███ is being closely watched to see if she will die within the following days or weeks. No other known victim of SCP-3091 has reported these feelings. Subject has made no comment.12