Cruel Angel's Thesis (Post Q)

Note: This document supersedes all previous iterations of special containment procedures relating to SCP-401a0. "Pre Q" documentation remains available as part of the SCP-401a0 Historical Archive.


A screencap from the third production of Operation Rebuild, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo.

Item #: SCP-401a0

Object class: Keter. Reclassification to Thaumiel under consideration.

Special Containment Procedures: The Japanese islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu (collectively referred to as "the Japanese mainland") are to be contained by naval blockade and electromagnetic interdiction. Anyone or anything attempting to approach or escape quarantine is to be destroyed prior to breaching the three mile denial zone. Failure to obtain timely destruction of breach attempts shall result in the quarantine of all participating ships, and mandatory exposure of all personnel to Class 4 Anti-Memetic agents.

Outlaying islands of the Japanese archipelago have been evacuated to the island of Okinawa. Ranging elements of the naval blockade are expected to make certain these islands remain uninhabited.

Japan's logospheric footprint is being impersonated through application of SCP-████. All containment procedures relevant to SCP-████ are to also be observed.

Individuals seeking to travel to Japan are to be processed by Operation "Gaijin". Said operation uses a combination of anomalous and mundane methods to manufacture and imprint false memories in the mind of the traveler. Said memories are to emphasize Japanese xenophobia and hostility toward foreigners, so as to discourage international travel to the Japanese mainland.

In the event that any coherent transmission from within quarantine survives electromagnetic interdiction, all probable receiving devices are to be destroyed or disabled through the detonation of electromagnetic pulse bombs composing the Foundation's Planetary Cognitohazard Defense Network.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-40 ("Bandersnatchs") will abduct international instances of SCP-401a0-1 and oversee their transport to the Japanese mainland. Assisting MTF-E40 is the provisional Operation "Honeypot", which is tasked both with identifying extant uncontained SCP-401a0-1 instances and coordinating a network of surveillance throughout the Japanese mainland. For a brief overview of Operation Honeypot, see Addendum Quisling.

Internet and darknet are to be monitored by artificial intelligence assets (either immunized against cognitohazards or categorized as SCP-401a0-1-null) for evidence of unusual variations of SCP-401a0-aleph.

Any contact with any element of Operation Rebuild is to be immediately reported. Halting either Operation Rebuild or the production/distribution of a hypothetical fourth production1 is the highest priority directive for any element of SCP-401a0 containment.

Should Operation Rebuild attempt to release another production, all available Foundation assets are to be dedicated to suppressing said production and replacing it with a non-cognitohazardous alternative, as was done with Operation Rebuild's third production internationally (See Addendum Funimation).

In the event that the mutated variant of SCP-401a0 appears outside the quarantine zone, extreme prejudice is to be used to attempt to contain it. Should a potent variant of SCP-401a0-aleph similar to the Matsushiro Transmission be made widely available, either online or in broadcast, Procedure "Yashiori" is to be put into effect as soon as practicable.

Procedure Yashiori involves the mass distribution of Class S amnesiacs worldwide, and the targeted destruction of major population centers and Internet infrastructure, effectively causing a "soft reboot" regress of human progress by 25 years. Current predictions place the procedure's rate of success at below 20%, and it is likely that 1 in 6 of the population would die or experience catastrophic brain damage as a result of mass distribution of Class S amnesiacs by aersolization. Another 1 in 20 of the population successfully amnesiasized will likely die in the targeted nuclear strikes on major population centers and another 2 in 3 of the surviving population will likely die due to post-amnesiac starvation, conflict, radiation sickness, and suicide. These losses are considered acceptable in light of the existential risk posed by SCP-401a0.

Description: SCP-401a0 is a self-sustaining paradigmatic restructuring of society, conveyed anomalously by a collection of auditory and/or visual cues collectively referred to as SCP-401a0-aleph. Those afflicted by 401a0-aleph are designated 401a0-1-X, where "X" refers to the character from "Neon Genesis Evangelion" or the productions of Operation Rebuild that the 401a0-1 instance has become obsessed with. [REDACTED] designated 401a0-2. Viewers of 401a0-aleph which fail to die or become SCP-401a0-1 are designated SCP-401a0-null.

The duration and appearance of SCP-401a0-aleph is variable, and several versions have been produced by Studio Gainax, Operation "Rebuild" (via the former Foundation front company, "Studio khara"), and unknown 401a0-1 alignments. Following exposure to 401a0-aleph, there is a 20% chance that the viewer/listener will experience spontaneous and fatal cerebral hemorrhage. Should this fail to occur, and the viewer/listener does not become 401a0-null, then they will become a 401a0-1 instance, and immediately begin to exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. A permanent cognitive deficit (subconscious) of 35%. Currently hypothesized to fuel the means of autonomic identification which allows members of different "alignments" to distinguish one another.
  2. AZ-Class Social shift, PS2, producing a component of a social model oriented around obsessive behavior which is focused on a single character (except "Shinji Ikari") (Shinji Ikari's status as a valid alignment is unknown. Anecdotal evidence suggests such an alignment does exist) from either Neon Genesis Evangelion, its theatrical follow-up films, or the productions of Operation Rebuild. The focus of this behavior is always compatible with an SCP-401a0-1 instance's pre-existing gender-related sexual preferences.
  3. A non-obligate preference to the cannibalism and murder of other alignment instances is observed. Biological matter [REDACTED] producing SCP-401a0-2 instances.
  4. Ephebophilia. This occurs regardless of the age of the character the 401a0-1 instance is focused upon. All previous age-related sexual preferences are overwritten. This is preferential but not absolute; voluntary and involuntary breeding camps have been observed which do not align with this preference.

List of prominent alignments:

Ordination of Character Name of Character Threat Index, description Number of SCP-401a0-2
1 Rei Ayanami 9, product of earliest aleph materials; attempts to bifurcate into white/black sub-types failed or were sabotaged by Operation Rebuild personnel suborned by SCP-401a0. 5
2 Hikari Horaki 6, product of earliest aleph materials. 1
3 Asuka Langley Sohryuu 7, product of earliest aleph materials; decimated by Sohyruu/Shikinami bifurcation, but remains one of the most dangerous alignments. 3
6 Kaworu Nagisa 10, product of earliest aleph materials; early large-scale conflict with what was, at that time, a competing alignment, kept Kaworus in a dominant position. As is the case with all male character alignments, there is evidence of Kaworus organizing voluntary breeding programs to bolster their own ranks. 8
16 Calico Cat 15, product of a single scene in the first Operation Rebuild production. Considered the most prolific and defensive alignment. Currently holds the widest defensive formation in downtown Tokyo. Possibly a mutated alignment, in that no discernible pattern relating to pre-existing gender-based sexual preferences can be uncovered in this alignment's membership. 18
0 Shinji Ikari UNKNOWN, product of earliest aleph materials and consistently the narrative focus of all coherent 401a0-aleph samples. Existence, UNCONFIRMED. UNKNOWN

Known SCP-401a0-responsive media:

"Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth", "End of Evangelion" The first form of 401a0-aleph. Produced between 1995 and 1997. The Blu-Ray edition behaves identically. Approximately 760 minutes long
Operation "Rebuild" productions, generally Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, any Animator Expo entries (which Operation "Rebuild" had control over), and any other element of Studio khara's bibliography is assumed to either (1) contribute to SCP-401a0's aggregate anomalous transmission, or (2) contain memetic and cognitohazardous elements specifically reactive to SCP-401a0-1 instances, in an attempt to stimulate anomaly mutation. 420+ minutes, various
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance The second film by Operation "Rebuild". Sanctioned by the Foundation. It is assumed that all Operation "Rebuild" films contained elements meant to cause an aggregate mutative effects which culminated in the released of the subsequent film. The most salient change which can be traced to the release of this production is the bifurcation of the Asuka alignment into Shikinami and Sohryuu sub-types. 108 minutes (Theatrical), 112 (Uncut)
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo The third film by Operation "Rebuild", and the final one sanctioned as a Foundation operation. Appears to have caused profound and systemic alterations to the SCP-401a0 anomaly, including: (1) SCP-401a0-1 instances may now be fixated on any character in "Neon Genesis Evangelion" or the Operation "Rebuild" productions; said fixation no longer limited to those characters between the age of 13-14. (2) Alignments are now capable of nonviolent interaction, though this does not appear to last for very long. (3) Alignments originally only interacted with other alignments that shared the gender of their obsessive focus, now all alignments can perceive and identify one another. (4) Cannibalistic behavior and crude surgical modification now contributes [REDACTED] may produce viable SCP-401a0-2 instances. 96 minutes
"Matsushiro Transmission" First compressed and audio-only instance of 401a0-aleph. Detected in October 2017. Approximately 4 seconds long; loops

Timeline of SCP-401a0 activity relevant to current containment procedures:

August 26, 2015 Operation Rebuild, now a rogue entity outside the Foundation's control, releases a Blu-Ray edition of SCP-401a0-aleph, which evades containment via a successful covert physical release and subsequent vitality on import and torrent sites. Anomalous and mundane AI interdiction and DMCA takedowns have failed to even moderately limit the scope of availability.
January-July, 2016 Joint Operation Taskforce 2016-11 (hereinafter "JOT"), spearheaded by surviving members of MTF Lambda-92 Squad-12 (see Testimonial L92-21) and based on a small island near the mainland, prosecute a covert war of extinction against extant anomalous alignments.
July 20, 2016 A JOT extermination squad raids a nest of Rei in Shinjuku. Biometric feedback on all members of the squad ceases several minutes into the operation, with no warning and no declaration of contact. JOT Forward Operating Base records minor, localized seismic activity in the area. CCTV cameras within three blocks of the targeted nest cease to function at the same time. Within five minutes, [REDACTED] later designated SCP-401a0-2
Late July, 2016 Conflict with 401a0-2 instance exhausts JOT 2016-11. Containment procedures revised to current form, with naval and electromagnetic blockade established with the help of regional governments.
February 2017 All known international members of any anomalous alignment have been secured and transported to the Japanese mainland. Their disappearance is concealed through the administration of Class A amnesiacs to friends and family members.
Early October 2017 Final active government bunker at Matsushiro falls. On-site transmitters proceeded to broadcast compressed form of 401a0-aleph on all available bands for six minutes before being disabled by nuclear strike. This transmission converted nearly 600 naval officers and staff into 401a0-1 instances, and killed another 125 of the same population. At this time, it is assumed that 98% of the quarantined population has been exposed to SCP-401a0-aleph.
Late October 2017 Report of embedded Foundation operatives on the Japanese mainland is received. See Field Report Kallio. **Requires Level 5 Security Clearance.**. After some debate, the O5 Council has commissioned a study on the practicality of reclassification of SCP-401a0 from Keter to Thaumiel.

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