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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX, when in Foundation custody, should be contained within a standard cryogenic chamber to prevent further deterioration.

A tracking device has been installed within SCP-XXXX, designed to send an alert when it detects unscheduled movement. Upon receipt of an alert, the nearest available field agent will be deployed to reacquire SCP-XXXX from its new location.

If SCP-XXXX appears within a non-hostile area all witnesses are to be administered Class-A amnestics. In the event of the presence of security, military personnel or other armed hostiles, the agent should attempt to retrieve SCP-XXXX using their discretion. The secondary aim will be to minimise casualties and attention, then administer Class-A amnestics to all surviving witnesses.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the corpse of Professor Edward Crone. Previous to displaying anomalous properties, SCP-XXXX was a Professor of Ancient Languages and operated a self-employed side-business offering translations and transliterations.

At random times SCP-XXXX will translocate, disappearing from its current location and appearing at a new one. The translocation occurs instantaneously, and will affect all of SCP-XXXX and any object completely enclosed by it. Any tissue separated from SCP-XXXX will also be moved to its former position on SCP-XXXX, though will not reattach.

SCP-XXXX is in a state of decay, and has been damaged several times as a result of testing and the consequences of translocations. It is also desirable to ensure continued access to the pictograms on the body. These takes the form of an elaborate series of tattoos, scars and mutilations that are believed to be the original cause of SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties. Translation efforts are ongoing, but are hampered by the poor condition of SCP-XXXX and the difficulty in determining the original pattern.

SCP-XXXX first came to Foundation attention when it materialised (alive) in the operating theatre of ██████████ Hospital1 in 2015. SCP-XXXX then spent two weeks evading Foundation attempts to apprehend it.2

There followed a period of approximately one week where its movements are completely unaccounted for. SCP-XXXX then appeared deceased in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-06-3. An autopsy showed it died of asphyxiation, and its mouth, lungs and stomach contained a large quantity of soil.

Excerpt from the list of translocation events from Foundation custody:

Destination Notes
SCP-XXXX's office at the University of █████████ Office had been sealed by Foundation personnel already.
The home of Mary Crone, during the 10th birthday party of Edward Crone, Jr. Repeated applications of amnestics were required to eliminate mental trauma from SCP-XXXX's wife and son.
The uterus of Abigail Crone SCP-XXXX's mother died immediately. Class-A amnestics were administered to all staff and inhabitants of the nursing home, where necessary.

Addendum 1A: SCP-XXXX had recently received several large sums of money from an unknown organisation. The latest available notes from SCP-XXXX's office reference a a translation contract from said organisation:

This section is particularly hard to translate. I would say it's about 'time', or 'history', but it's more like 'chronology'. The author appears to seriously believe it was possible to create an object that could travel in its own timeline. As in, take it as it is now, and transport it back to a prior point in time and space.

This might be beyond me. I'm struggling to parse all these synonyms and patterns. I believe, I'm getting closer. I believe I can understand the 'space' parts thoroughly. Thinking in four dimensions is harder.

This author must have tortured dozens to discover the methods described. Jesus.

I'm zoning out here. While making notes I thought I was writing here, but I was actually making notes on my other hand! These marks look familiar.

My body. So flabby and useless. Thanks, Mary. But my tissue, my bones, are just instruments, like my pen. This writing, it's like it's writing just for me.

It's like my life were only a first draft. I can take my pen and edit it in any way I see fit. Fix typos and mistakes. This book has given me the language, I just need to select the right words.

Addendum 1B: SCP-XXXX, prior to its death, was engaged in an acrimonious divorce with Mary Crone. SCP-XXXX's translation notes were intermingled with various drafts of insulting and pleading letters to her. Dr. █████ believes the following passage may be pertinent:

You want my money, fine take it. I'm a man of letters, a LEARNED man, did you forget that? You changed so much since I met you, you bitch. I'm sorry. It's my fault, I know. I gave you nothing but words, and I took your soul. But I've evolved. I know what I did wrong, and I think I can fix it. I've changed myself. My flesh itself will transport me through space and time, and I'll fix it all. I just want to go back to that room where I hurt you, as the man I am now. I'll use all the right words, when I'm with you again. I hope this works.