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A recovered photograph of SCP-3920. The date of when it was taken is unknown.

Item #: SCP-3920

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3920 must be contained within a 30 x 30 x 20 m containment chamber. The wheels of SCP-3920 must be secured with standard-issue parking boots. The boots are not to be removed unless SCP-3920 is undergoing testing. The containment chamber must manually be moved to testing grounds. Any Foundation personnel who enter SCP-3920-1 are to exit immediately. Interaction with SCP-3920-2 instances is prohibited.

All Foundation personnel are to be screened for depression or past accounts of depression before being allowed inside SCP-3920.

Description: SCP-3920 is a Ford R192 Plaxton, the exact year of make is unknown. SCP-3920 has been painted in a variety of bright colors. All functions of SCP-3920 work without any errors. SCP-3920 has a phone mounted on its back wall. It appears to function without needing power or any phone signals. SCP-3920 lacks a driver, though individuals within 10 m of SCP-3920 describe the driver as a male humanoid in his late 60s. SCP-3920 is able to be damaged by conventional means, as well as destroyed. When an individual enters SCP-3920, they are able to leave it of their own free will. Subjects with depression or with a background with depression have stated they feel compelled to enter SCP-3920. When 10 or more passengers have entered SCP-3920, it will experience a crash before it can reach its next stop. No wreckage of SCP-3920 has been found following these crashes.

SCP-3920-1 is the designation given to a world that appears to be made of food commonly associated with candy. The ground of SCP-3920-1 consists of a substance that upon analysis, is very similar to cake in taste and makeup. Grass has been found in SCP-3920-1, although it appears to be constructed of icing. SCP-3920-1 has what appears to be towns that consist of houses that are constructed of gingerbread. The trees within SCP-3920-1 are constructed of a material similar to that of the 'Twizzlers' food. There does not appear to be any sentient lifeforms within SCP-3920-1.1

Addendum: An exploration of SCP-3920-1 was attempted and a video log was created. No further exploration attempts of SCP-3920 are to be executed.