Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept in a hexagon shaped containment cell with huge mirrors covering each wall as well as covering the entire floor and ceiling. There shall be no exits or entrances to prevent a breach and the only surveillance allowed is that of a security camera in each corner capturing and monitoring its activity. Under no circumstances must SCP-XXXX be let out of containment consequently if one of the surveillance cameras has been damaged or dismantled a new containment must be built around the old containment with the same properties immediately. A class D personnel must be inside the new containment along with the old one to release SCP-XXXX into its new cell. The class D personnel must not be let out of its containment and if they're not dead within a day poisonous gas will be spread into the containment to terminate the class D personnel within the cell.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a black humanoid entity with white circular eyes and white visible human teeth. SCP-XXXX has never changed its facial expression and can only be seen in mirrors and photographs. If SCP-XXXX is in the blindspot of the mirror it is free to transport to its own dimension which is why the mirrors in its containment must be there at all times. If SCP-XXXX chooses to attack its victim it will continuously scare them and tell the victim horrific things and constantly whispering to them until the victim has lost their sanity and has committed suicide, this can take up to three hours. SCP-XXXX was first noticed by Dr.█████ ███████ when ████ █████, a lady in his neighbourhood, had reported being tormented by SCP-XXXX and that it was telling her horrific things and secrets about the universe. Just some of the secrets that SCP-XXXX had revealed to Mrs.████ █████ before her death where stated by Dr.█████ ███████ to be 134.6% more knowledge of the universe that mankind could learn about within a decade. Most facts he had heard were so mind blowing and intriguing that he genuinely came close to having a heart attack. Sadly, Mrs.████ █████ could not take SCP-XXXX's torturings anymore and committed suicide. However Dr.█████ ███████ did take enough data to confront SCP-XXXX back at the SCP Foundation, and with help from Dr.███████ █████ they eventually contained SCP-XXXX in a cell.


An image of SCP-XXXX on the left of the screen whilst a team of scientist where trying to test out █████ ███.

As previously stated SCP-XXXX can teleport to a different dimension which has been hypothesized by Dr.█████ ███████ to be where SCP-XXXX originates from. Efforts to enter the dimension have come to no progress and is constantly being attempted by scientists using class D Personnel. It is currently unknown as to why SCP-XXXX drives people to suicide or why it can only teleport and be viewed whilst in sight of a mirror or reflection, however Dr.█████ ███████ has made a suggestion that the reason that SCP-XXXX shows up in photographs is due to thermal heating which can not be seen by that of a human eye.