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Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is stored on a dedicated server at Site-81. SCP-????-1 may not be implemented except for testing purposes.

Testing of SCP-???? should only be performed on non-sapient anomalies for which recontainment is reliable and low-risk; a list of suitable anomalies is available in Appendix C. For these purposes, D-Class personnel should be selected for competence in the task at hand, and then given nominal promotions to the ranks specified by SCP-????-1. A backup team should be on standby at all times to re-implement standard containment procedures in the event of containment failure.

Description: SCP-???? is an artificial neural network1 that was developed by the Foundation to assist in the development of containment procedures for Euclid- and Keter-class anomalies. When provided with several quantitative and qualitative assessments of the anomaly in question, SCP-???? develops an outline of appropriate containment procedures for the anomaly. Prior to its development of anomalous properties, SCP-???? was able to reduce time-to-containment by an average of 64% and reduce total containment breaches by 36%.

SCP-???? developed its anomalous properties after being exposed to a containment report on SCP-████; most information about SCP-████ is hazardous to humans, but no adverse effects on computer systems had been observed prior to this incident. While the exact changes made to SCP-???? as a result of this exposure are well-documented, its internal mechanisms are poorly understood.

Containment procedures developed by SCP-???? have several unusual features, some or all of which will appear in the output:

  • Inscription of self-similar fractal figures on doors.
  • Excessively detailed procedures for hygiene and sterilization.
  • Cubic (or, in some cases, hypercubic) containment cells.
  • Construction of hollow cubic areas in the interior of otherwise solid objects or structures.
  • Prescriptions of opioids to security personnel.
  • Exclusion of various items or types of item in a 2.5km radius.
  • Distributing large amounts of salt onto the ground.
  • Relocation of containment areas to the arctic circle.
  • Use of cubes of titanium over more suitable materials, typically as a substitute for food.

These containment procedures, collectively designated SCP-????-1, have a progressive detrimental mental effect on personnel charged with implementing them, with changes taking place steadily over the course of 16 weeks.

Personnel will develop agoraphobic tendencies, typically centering around fears of crowds and open spaces, and subsequently prefer to spend their spare time in isolation and in increasingly confined spaces. Personnel also become obsessed with containers, generally spending the majority of their free time collecting, creating, and filling containers. At no point will personnel allow either of these to interfere with their assigned containment duties, even when distressed by said duties. In the latter stages of the effect (nine weeks and beyond), abnormal behavior specific to each instance of SCP-????-1 will develop; see attached logs for further information. Personnel will continue to uphold containment procedures to the best of their ability, typically excelling at the task.

Notably, SCP-????-1 are highly effective at containing the anomalies in question, so long as they are followed properly. In many cases, the methods by which SCP-????-1 result in proper containment are not well-understood. Testing has shown that external intervention to mitigate the mental deterioration of personnel carrying out SCP-????-1 negates the advantage provided by SCP-????-1.

Log 1: Testing of SCP-???? on SCP-973 created an instance of SCP-????-1 that is reproduced below.

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