Cyanide's litter box

"Lambda-23, this is Foundation control, how do you copy, over."

"Hello Foundation control, this is Lambda-23-Golf, copy 3 out of 5, over."

"Morning Golf. Message, over."

"Roger, control, over."

Lambda-23-Golf, also known as Agent Jamie Thomas, began transcribing the daily radio update, fingers hammering at the retrofitted terminal's apocalypse-grade keyboard. Normally, updates would come digitally, but the same electromagnetic anomaly that had Lambda-23 floating around in the middle of the Caribbean in a refitted Coast Guard cutter also meant that normal microwave uplinks didn't want to work, and so the ship's computer was cut off from the Foundation network. Interference from the anomaly was light enough at lower frequency bands to at least get a voice channel through, with the result that Jamie found themselves dusting off mostly-forgotten radio operation skills to talk to Foundation Control over shortwave. Two months in and 1972's state-of-the-art terminal keyboard felt, if not comfortable, then at least familiar.

"Solid copy control, over," Jamie said. No new orders. No real updates. Beautiful weather, clear skies. Nothing for MTF Lambda-23 ("Davy Jones' Padlock") to do but enjoy the Caribbean and search for the anomaly.

Just like every day for the past two months.

"Request sitrep Lambda-23, over."

"Sierra foxtrot alpha, control." Jamie let go of the PTT and sighed, then pressed it again. "Correction, sitrep follows, over."

Through the static, the voice sounded amused. "Copy Golf, over."


[Introduction to the rest of the MTF, technology being applied in searching for the EM anomaly, Jamie's disillusionment]

[The brigantine appears]


[Uselessness of all the tech in finding anything out about the brigantine, "low Hume levels" saying nothing concrete]

[Attempts to board rebuffed]

[Ship vanishes]

[Jamie tells control]


Event Description: A rigged sailing ship, similar to a 17th century brigantine, appeared in the Caribbean Sea, north of Barranquilla, Colombia. Ship was sighted and followed by the SCPS Guarocuya, which was in the area on an unrelated investigation. In spite of having no visible crew aboard, the ship was under full sail, on a course toward Kingston, Jamaica. It disappeared after roughly one hour.
Date of Occurrence: 07/07/2018
Location: Latitude 15° 6' N, Longitude 75° 18' W
Follow-up Actions Taken: TBD